Understanding wireless charges while travelling

As a SaskTel customer, you can use your 4G wireless device all over the world. However, it's important to understand how your wireless services are billed while roaming as with some services, particularly wireless data, you could incur unexpected roaming charges. Please refer to the Billing and Rates tabs below for more information.

Even if you're not actively using your 4G wireless device, if your data feature is turned on, your device is still using data service (e.g. receiving emails, automatic application downloads). To avoid data usage roaming charges, you can turn off the data feature on your wireless device so only voice and text messaging services work. See Turning data roaming off or refer to your device's user guide for instructions.

If you need access to data services while travelling, using Wi-Fi networks can allow access to data for no charge or a nominal fee. If you lose the Wi-Fi connection, or there are no W-Fi networks available, please ensure you are aware of the data usage rates that you will be billed, depending on your location. See Accessing Wi-Fi on your smartphone or Accessing Wi-Fi on your tablet for instructions on how to connect to Wi-Fi.

For information on travelling with your wireless device and how billing works, as well as other helpful travel tips, check out our travel support guide:

If you still have questions, please call 1-800-SASKTEL (727-5835).

Voice and data

SaskTel is now billing for all 4G voice and data usage that is over the amount included in your wireless service plan(s) while using your wireless device in Canada, the U.S., and international locations.

Exception: 4G voice usage for incoming calls while roaming in the U.S. and international locations is not being billed at this time.

  • Effective June 11, 2012, you’ll start being charged for incoming calls when roaming in Canada (outside of Saskatchewan).
  • A billing date for incoming calls while roaming n the U.S. and international locations is still being determined. You’ll be notified before these incoming calls start being billed.

For more information, see Travelling with your device.

Text Messaging

Effective May 17, 2012, you will be charged 65¢ for each text message sent from international locations(excluding the U.S. and Caribbean) in addition to your regular text messaging charges. Received messages are free! Pricing excludes third-party short codes (e.g. voting, horoscopes), to which regular text messaging rates apply. See Text Messaging (Pricing tab) for rates.

Note: Messages sent from any location within or outside Canada to a customer of an international wireless carrier will be charged 20¢ per message in addition to regular text messaging rates.

Wireless Voice Mail

Starting June 11, 2012, please access your voice mail in and outside Saskatchewan as follows:

  1. Dial 1-306-520-6245.
  2. Enter your password when prompted to do so.

You can begin using this number immediately. Program it into your speed dial for easy access.

You're only charged the deposit/retrieval fee associated with your voice mail package when retrieving messages within Saskatchewan. When retrieving messages while roaming in Canada (outside Saskatchewan), you're billed standard airtime charges and long distance according to your wireless rate plan.

After June 11, if you dial your wireless number to access your voice mail while roaming in Canada, you will incur unnecessary charges. You'll be charged airtime/long distance for the outgoing call to your voice mailbox, and you'll be charged airtime/long distance for receiving a call on your phone. By dialing 1-306-520-6245, you'll ensure that you're charged correctly for accessing your voice mail.

Refer to your SaskTel wireless bill to find out what plan(s) you are currently on. You can then use the following Service Plan Lookup Tools to find out what your current rates are.

Examples of data costs when using a smartphone while travelling outside Canada


Data usage U.S. International
50 emails sent/received (text only)* 1 MB $10 $15
25 emails sent/received (with attachments) 7 MB $70 $105
75 web pages viewed* 13 MB $130 $195
50 social media posts (with images) 17 MB $170 $255
5 applications or games downloaded* 20 MB $200 $300
1 hour of music streamed 25 MB $250 $375
90 minute movie streamed (SD) 270 MB $2,700 $4,050

*Please note a BlackBerry smartphone uses significantly less data with these activities than other devices.

To estimate data usage for your type of wireless device, use our data usage calculator.

Note: Data usage varies per device. The above examples are based on average smartphone usage and are only estimates. The actual amount of data used for the described activity can vary significantly by device. U.S. data roaming is calculated based on the Smartphone Internet, Email & IM with Features data plan U.S. roaming rate of $10/MB; U.S. data roaming rates vary by plan. The international roaming rate is calculated at a rate of $15/MB; this rate applies to all plans.

Switching plans

Depending on the type of calling and data activities you do, you may want to consider switching plans if you are concerned about overage charges. There is no fee to switch plans, and you can switch at any time during your contract.

  • Do you make a lot of local phone calls? Try switching to one of our larger voice plans.
  • Do you make a lot of long distance calls in Saskatchewan? Add a Saskatchewan Calling Add-On.
  • Do you make a lot of long distance calls outside of Saskatchewan? One of our Travel Add-Ons may better suit your needs.
  • Do you use a lot of data? Try switching to one of our larger data plans.

If you would like to discuss your service plan options, please call us at 1-800-SASKTEL (1-800-727-5835).

Below are some tips to help you manage your data usage:

  1. Monitor your data usage with a data tracker application.
    • Access your SaskTel data usage report right on your wireless device by typing sasktel.com/myusage into your device’s browser. This report shows the amount of data you've used since the start of your current billing period and the amount of data remaining in your plan. We recommend bookmarking this site for easy access.
    • Try Telicost-Lite, a free third-party application that you can download.*
  2. To reduce the amount of data used, you can connect your smartphone or tablet to a Wi-Fi network. See Accessing Wi-Fi on your smartphone or Accessing Wi-Fi on your tablet for instructions on how to connect to Wi-Fi.
  3. Understand how much data your activities use by using our data usage calculator.
  4. When roaming outside of Canada, you're charged for all data usage. To avoid data usage roaming charges, you can turn off the data feature on your wireless device so only voice and text messaging services work. See Turning data roaming off or refer to your devices user guide for instructions.
  5. If you travel outside of Canada, consider adding a United States or International Data Travel Add-On to your wireless data service plan to reduce your pay-per-use data roaming rate.
Examples of activities that use data:
  • Receiving and sending emails, as well as viewing and editing email attachments
  • Browsing the Internet
  • Downloading and using web-based applications such as GoogleMaps
  • Social media posts, such as uploading photos to Facebook™
  • Watching streaming video and listening to streaming music
  • Playing online games

*Telicost-Lite is a third-party application and is not affiliated with SaskTel. SaskTel is not responsible for the functionality or content of the application.

All SaskTel wireless data plans are subject to SaskTel’s Fair Use Policy. See Wireless Data Fair Use Policy for details.