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Programs for our employees

Our strength is our people


Our employees are our lifeblood. That’s why we take care of the talented people who take care of our customers. And we do it with honesty, integrity, and mutual respect.


Every day, we protect our employees’ health and safety. We also give them the best possible training to perform their jobs, and give them new opportunities to contribute.


Employment equity is one way we achieve this. We’ve created an open and inclusive workplace that supports employees who may need assistance. And we believe that everyone has potential and can contribute through meaningful employment opportunities.


Together, these values sustain our long-standing relationship with our employees. These values make us an extraordinary company. And they make us proud to do what we love.


Training for today and tomorrow


To meet today’s business challenges, we need a highly knowledgeable and skilled workforce. Investing in our employees’ development is a big part of how we get there.


We provide our employees with education and development opportunities to support their career goals and our business needs. So we encourage our employees to pursue lifelong learning, both formal and informal.


Our employees get countless learning opportunities through our intranet and Learning Management System. It offers over 2,400 learning modules through instructor-led, online, and blended delivery methods.


The result: our employees thrive in a competitive, changing workplace.


We care about health and safety


We believe it’s crucial to protect our people. So we take employee health and safety extremely seriously.


From safety harnesses to ergonomic workstations, we minimize dangers in every way possible. We do this everywhere our employees work: offices, cities, towns, and rural areas.


We formally recognize this commitment to health and safety in all our agreements with Unifor. We also formally document our health and safety policies and procedures through our organization, including injuries, illnesses, lost days, and absentee rates, plus total number of work-related fatalities.


We’re here to help


Our SaskTel Employees’ Personal Problem Program (STEPPP) gives free, voluntary, and confidential counselling. Created in 1983 with the CEP, STEPPP is available to our employees, their families, our retirees, and their spouses.


STEPPP’s qualified, experienced counsellors and experts can help with a range of difficulties. These include marital problems, parenting challenges, depression, grief, addiction, financial troubles, legal issues, and teen and children’s problems.


STEPPP offers assistance so employees can get through difficult situations that affect their job, health, and life. Whether they’re reluctant or too embarrassed to reach out, or facing problems that mere willpower can’t overcome, STEPPP is there to help.


As diverse as our customers


Diversity creates an open and inclusive workforce. It’s not just great for our employees, it also makes great business sense.


So we ensure our staff represents our provincial population. We attract, recruit, promote, and retain candidates from all four employment equity groups. This gives us a culturally-diverse workforce that understands the unique needs of our ever-changing customers.


We also maintain a respectful workplace program to welcome and support all our employees. We have workplace accommodation policies and practices, as well as cultural awareness programs.


We help our own


When an employee’s in need, we rise to the occasion. Our employee-driven Helping Our Own People (HOOP) initiative assists employees and their families facing medical emergencies and the costs of traumatic events.


HOOP is corporate-funded but it also accepts contributions from employee-based activities and events. Together, we’ve donated over $500,000 to help employees in distress.


We support our aboriginal employees


Our SaskTel Aboriginal Employee Network (SAEN) is the longest-standing employee network in all Crown corporations!


SAEN promotes a better understanding of aboriginal issues through events and activities. Their work includes lunch-and-learns, medicine walks, meetings with elders, and cultural information sharing. The Network is also involved in YOUTHnetwork initiatives like mentorship programs in Regina and Saskatoon.


One such activity was an aboriginal art project at our partner schools. The project helps students create a piece of art to be reproduced in a greeting card or calendar. These items serve as a showcase for aboriginal artists and a source of funding for Scott Collegiate, Nutana Collegiate, and Mount Royal Collegiate.


Networking in our company


Our employee networks promote openness and inclusion. They also help shift the culture of individual departments and our corporation as a whole.


Employee networks raise awareness of cultural differences, organizational barriers, and emerging workforce behaviours to ensure that our company evolves.


Removing barriers for disabilities


Our SaskTel Employee Network on Disability (SEND) removes systemic barriers for our employees. SEND also acts as subject matter experts on diversity and disability-related initiatives.


SEND recently highlighted its accomplishments over the past five years on the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. These achievements include:

  • A mentorship program for youth with visual impairments
  • Lunch-and-learns on disability issues
  • Consulting on technical issues that affect our customers with disabilities
  • Offering subject matter expertise on adaptive technologies

Creating a greener environment


SaskTel EnviroCare is committed to providing rewarding opportunities for employees and their families to participate in greening initiatives throughout the communities we serve. From hosting lunch-and-learns, to coordinating donation drives, to helping preserve and protect the natural spaces we share, EnviroCare is dedicated to making a lasting difference for the environment right here in Saskatchewan.


Mission: To create a greener community and promote environmental awareness and initiatives through the collaboration and engagement of SaskTel employees.


Shaping the next generation of SaskTel leaders


SaskTel NextGEN is a community of employees that ​​focuses on providing career opportunities and a social atmosphere​​. Activities include networking​ and socializing;​ learning sessions about SaskTel's business, industry, and careers; representing SaskTel at community events; and advising SaskTel on matters of interest to youth​,​ young workers​, and emerging leaders​. We ​feel new ideas deserve a helping hand, a long work week needs a little fun, and that ​diversity in the​ ​age ​and experience ​of employee​s ​​is an asset for SaskTel​ ​to leverage.