Integrated Business Communications (IBC) is a communications system with many valuable features and tools customizable to meet your needs.

Get familiar features like audio conferencing and long distance, as well as the latest collaboration tools such as desktop sharing and instant messaging. And, with a mobile client and incredible HD voice, IBC will revolutionize the way you do business today.

Watch our video to see how IBC features and tools work together to improve communications. 

Why choose SaskTel IBC?

Collaborate better
Enhance employee efficiency and improve collaboration with applications like instant messaging (IM), presence, desktop sharing, file sharing, and video calling.

Make your office mobile
Sync your desktop and mobile clients so you can be reached at one number no matter where you are.

Manage expenses
Get one monthly rate for your access line, equipment, long distance, and audio conferencing; purchase or rent your telephone sets; and complete your own moves, add, and changes with full adminstrative control.



IBC offers many features and options to meet your business requirements. Mix and match the packages, giving each employee exactly what they need. Here are some of our more popular features.

Features Basic Standard Enhanced Premium
Audio Conferencing
Call Forward
Call Me Anywhere
Receive calls on your desk phone, desktop client, or mobile device.
Call Pull
Seamlessly switch between your desk phone, desktop client, or mobile device.
Calling Name and Number Delivery
Know who is calling.       
Desktop Sharing        
Easily share presentations and files.
File Sharing        
Review and update content together.
Unlimited Long Distance in Canada and the U.S.
Video Calling

Voice Mail  
Voice Mail to Text

See our complete list of features available with each package.


IBC Wireless

Take your business anywhere you go.

Do you spend most of your time out of the office interacting with your customers, employees, and partners? Are you constantly missing customer calls or rescheduling meetings because you are on the road?

Make it as easy as possible for your customers to contact you with SaskTel IBC Wireless. This IBC enhancement gives you the ability to link your IBC Number with your wireless phone giving the appearance of one business number. Get access to the IBC telephony features you have come to love like Call Forward Always and Call Park and Retrieve, without using the Mobile Client on your wireless phone.

One business number
Customers will call one number and be able to reach you at either your desk or wireless phone. Plus, you control when you are available on your wireless phone.

Dual Persona
Have two personas on your wireless phone: business and personal. Turn off your business persona on evenings and weekends, or be always available to your customers by leaving it on.

With IBC Wireless you get our best wireless rate plan with unlimited long distance and unlimited data and text messaging. Plus, you can add on IBC telephony features including:

  • Auto Attendant Callers are transferred to an extension without going through a telephone operator or receptionist. Also commonly known as Interactive Voice Response (IVR).
  • Hunt Groups Incoming calls to one number can be directed to the first available person based on the call distribution policy selected. 
  • Call Queues Places incoming calls in line so they can be answered in the order in which they were received.


When Boyd Kampen and his business partner, Tyler Gilchrist, decided to expand their company in a larger facility and at a new location, they had no idea that infrastructure costs could climb so high. We approached them with SaskTel Integrated Business Communications (IBC), a cost-effective and expandable solution.

Boyd Kampen, partner/owner
Impact Energy

Read more about Impact Energy and watch our video.

When Tyler Yaehne saw firsthand the benefits of SaskTel Integrated Business Communications (IBC), he knew it was the right solution for National Cartage. Not only would it replace their existing phone system, it would keep the company from becoming obsolete.

Tyler Yaehne, partner/owner
National Cartage

Read more about National Cartage and watch our video.

With SaskTel Integrated Business Communications (IBC), Shellbrook's town office solved a small town challenge with a big business solution. "The ability to have a remote location, remote administration, remote phone calls, combined with the idea of being mobile in the event of an emergency, is quite valuable."

Kelly Hoare, Administrator
Town of Shellbrook

Read more about Shellbrook Testimonial




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