Send a Text Message

Individual Messaging

It's easy to send a text message to a digital cellular phone using SaskTel Text Messaging. Remember, the person you are sending the message to must have a digital cellular phone and be a SaskTel Text Messaging subscriber.

  • To send a message to a group of digital cellular phones, click on the Group Paging button at the bottom of this page.
  • To send a message to an individual digital cellular phone, just complete the form below and follow the instructions:

      * Asterisk denotes required field
1 Enter the person's Mobility ten-digit Digital PCS number. (e.g. 3065234321).*

Do not enter a hyphen (-) anywhere in the phone number.

2 Enter your message.
3 Enter your signature.  (i.e. name or phone number or e-mail address)*
4 Click SEND button below.  
Character Count (message and signature cannot exceed 139 characters)

Enter the two words: Enter the words you hear:
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