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Kirk Muyres - Team Laycock, Saskatoon

Curling is trending up. When we broadcast curling championships live on maxTV, the ratings are through the roof. It seems we Saskies love to rock it out.

We’re a proud sponsor of CurlSask and the 2018 SaskTel Tankard Men's Provincial Curling Championship, taking place in Estevan this Jan 31-Feb 4 and broadcasted on maxTV Live Local (channels 48/348). So, to get you amped for the Tankard, we asked top SK men & women curlers what makes their sport so cool.

The coolest things about curling are...

Teresa Waterfield (Team Martin, Saskatoon): Literally anyone can play, young, old, beginner, pro. It’s such a social sport.

Karlee Korchinski (Team Anderson, Saskatoon): You compete against other people and then go hang out with them after the game.

Lorraine Schneider (Team Barker, Moose Jaw): It’s a sport where etiquette for the other team is an expectation and everyone knows who everyone is, as the curling world is fairly small!

Jacob Hersikorn (Team Jacobson, Saskatoon): You can be best friends with the opposition.

Haylee Jameson (Team Eberle, Regina): You get to experience the province in a way that no other athlete gets to. It’s not just about the towns you play in, but the community behind them as well.

Kara Thevenot - Team Silvengale, Regina

Fans love clanging cowbells when you’re throwing rocks. How do you feel about cowbells in curling, yay or nay?

Kara Thevenot (Team Silvernagle, Regina): Yay! One of the best parts about curling in an arena. It’s tradition and the best sound!

Kirk Muyres (Team Laycock, Saskatoon): YAY!

Quinn Hersikorn (Team Jacobson, Saskatoon): Nay.

Teresa Waterfield: YAY, there’s always room for more cowbell!

Krista Fesser (Team Anderson, Saskatoon): Yay to cowbells! (the more the merrier).

Lorraine Schneider: Absolutely, 100%!! It's what makes curling what it is!

Haylee Jameson: Yay! People with cowbells know all the hype.

Brady Scharback - Team DeConinck Smith, Roestown

Every athlete has a different pre-game routine—some Olympic runners dance to music during their warm-up, while other star athletes will stretch and meditate. What’s your pre-curling routine? Pump up or focus?

Kirk Muyres: Both, you pump up to focus in!

Quinn Hersikorn: Show up 5 minutes early and lace ‘em up.

Jacob Hersikorn: Show up and play, stretching is overrated.

Curling is sometimes misunderstood by people who are new to the sport. What misconceptions do people have about curling?

Kara Thevenot: It’s not nearly as easy as it looks!

Teresa Waterfield: They’re called ENDS. Not INNINGS. Drives me crazy.

Karlee Korchinski: People ask, “Are you the sweeper or the thrower?” Turns out that we do both!!!!

Krista Fesser: People think you have to be old to play! You can start playing as young as 6 years old.

Karlee Korchinski - Team Anderson, Saskatoon

Like every great spectator sport, curling is fun to watch on the big screen at home. What’s the one TV-watching essential that every curling fan needs?

Karlee Korchinski: Your favourite cold drink and popcorn.

Lorraine Schneider: You need the TV blasted and pure focus on the game!

Teresa Waterfield: For the families that curl, probably a strategy board!

Kirk Muyres: A BAG OF CHIPS.

When they make a TV show about curling in Saskatchewan, which famous actor should play the lead?

Krista Fesser: Rachel McAdams because she's Canadian!

Lorraine Schneider: Jenna Dewan!

Haylee Jameson: Men: Will Ferrell, with his team consisting of Seth Rogen, Adam Sandler, and Vince Vaughn. Ladies: Amy Schumer, with her team consisting of Ellen DeGeneres, Amy Poehler, and Mila Kunis.

Kirk Muyres: Ryan Reynolds! Canadian, good-looking, and he’s made a movie in Sask!

Quinn Hersikorn: Obviously Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Loraine Scneider - Team Barker, Moose Jaw

According to this CBC article, curling is becoming a hip activity—in part because it’s cheap, easy to play, and wheelchair accessible. Why do you think curling is becoming hipster cool?

Lorraine Schneider: Curling can be competitive, a rec sport, or just a fun night for people who have never tried the sport! It's great to see people out trying the sport who have never stepped foot on the ice!

Kara Thevenot: People are realizing it’s a social sport that isn’t super expensive. Every rink has a lounge to enjoy food and drinks with new and old friends.

Teresa Waterfield: It’s definitely a niche sport but the people who play the sport love introducing it to friends & family. Curling doesn’t need to be cool “again”, it always was!

Karlee Korchinski: Curling rinks are a place where people can get out and do something active, while being social! Add in some rink popcorn and you’ve got yourself a good time!

Haylee Jameson: You can have a snack on the ice while playing and still make it to the Olympics. It’s an option for small towns that don’t have much to offer and in bigger cities you’ll see the regulars or meet new faces. Plus it’s a sport you can play for decades.

Cheer on Saskatchewan’s best men’s curlers at the 2018 SaskTel Tankard in Estevan, Jan 31-Feb 4, and watch it broadcasted on maxTV Live Local (channels 48/348)! SaskTel is a proud sponsor of CurlSask and the 2018 SaskTel Tankard.

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