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Use your SaskTel Calling Card to make local and long distance calls when you're away from home. It's the easy way to keep in touch wherever you go!

You can use your SaskTel Calling Card anytime, anywhere to make local and long distance calls from a friend's, the office, a hotel, a pay phone, a cellular phone...even aboard a plane.  It also works for sending faxes!

With a SaskTel Calling Card you can:

  • Use the SaskTel 1-888-934-8888 access number to connect to the SaskTel network and your SaskTel Calling Card rates.
  • Call from a SaskTel payphone by simply inserting and removing your card.
  • Along with Canada Direct service, access Canadian operators and Canadian rates from over 130 countries worldwide.
  • Protect your card if it is lost or stolen, with the self-select PIN feature.

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*A transaction fee applies for each SaskTel Calling Card call.