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Have different rings and automatically turn off Call Waiting while a fax comes in so the transmission won't be interrupted.

Data-Ident-A-Call gives you up to three additional telephone numbers plus your main telephone number, each with their own distinct ring, so you can tell by the sound whether the call is for you, the kids, your business, or your fax machine.

Now you will never mistake an incoming fax for a regular phone call again!

Data-Ident-A-Call turns off Call Waiting for the duration of an incoming call so that received facsimile transmission is not interrupted by Call Waiting tones.


Monthly Charge

Residential Calling Features are priced at $5.00 per feature per month.

A service connection charge of $9.00 will apply. If multiple Calling Features are ordered per session, you will only be charged one service connection charge.

Calling Feature Package

Subscribe to our Calling Feature Package and get our 10 most popular calling features for only $10 per month! No service connection charges will apply to the Calling Feature Package.