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See the caller's name before you answer the phone.

With SaskTel Name Display, you see the name associated with the caller's number before you pick up the phone. Now you know if the call is for you or for someone else and you can choose to take the call or call back later.

After the first ring, your display capable phone will show you the name of the person calling you. This means you don't need to wonder who is calling you or if you missed any calls when you were out. You can just scroll through your phone's call logging feature and call back later.

In order to subscribe to Name Display, you must first subscribe to Call Display service and have a telephone with display capabilities. Check out our Rental Phones catalogue to find out more about our display line of rental phones.


Monthly Charge

Residential Calling Features are priced at $5.00 per feature per month. A service connection charge of $9.00 will apply. If multiple Calling Features are ordered per session, you will only be charged one service connection charge.

Calling Feature Package

Subscribe to our Calling Feature Package and get our 10 most popular calling features for only $10 per month! No service connection charges will apply to the Calling Feature Package.



  • Available to customers with TouchTone™ network access only.
  • Available to customers with a Call Display capable phone set.
  • Not available to customers in Uranium City or Kinoosao.