Selective Call Reject


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Prevent a caller from harassing you by blocking out their phone number. You can pre-program up to 12 numbers that will automatically be rejected.

Selective Call Reject won't allow callers who are on your rejection list to complete a call at your phone number.

Now there will be no more annoying or unwanted phone calls. You can specify up to 12 numbers that will not be able to phone your telephone number. You can even place the last number that dialed your telephone number onto your rejection list.

When callers who are on your rejection list try to call you, they will hear a recorded message that says, "The customer you have dialed has chosen not to accept this call".


Monthly Charge

Residential Calling Features are priced at $5.00 per feature per month.

A service connection charge of $9.00 will apply. If multiple Calling Features are ordered per session, you will only be charged one service connection charge.

Calling Feature Package

Subscribe to our Calling Feature Package and get our 10 most popular calling features for only $10 per month! No service connection charges will apply to the Calling Feature Package.





  • Available to customers with TouchToneTM network access only.
  • Not available to customers in Uranium City or Kinoosao.
  • Some restrictions apply to the numbers that can be entered into the Selective Call Reject list.