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Get Home Phone service you can count on - the world’s just a call away.

Our world-class network is managed 24/7. So you can depend on your phone service when you need it. Our reliable power supply means your call always gets through, even in a power outage.



Get your phone, your way

Find a long distance plan that works for your needs. Then choose the features you want, from Call Display to Call Waiting and beyond. Save even more when you sign up for a Feature Pack.

Bundle and save

Bundle your long distance phone service with TV, wireless, Internet, and home security. Mix and match to get exactly what you want. Almost any combination means you save big!



  • Unlimited local calling
  • Enhanced 911 for 24/7 emergency services—your location is displayed to the operator, saving valuable time
  • 24-hour operator service when you dial 0
  • Directory Assistance when you dial 411, so you can look up a phone number quickly and easily
  • Repair and telephone line maintenance when you dial 611
  • Your home listing in the white pages of our phonebook and a listing on mysask411, free!
  • A free copy of our phonebook


Monthly access

Home Phone service starts at just $21.54 per month! This rate depends on your location. Excess mileage and extended area charges may also apply in certain areas.

Installation and moving

When establishing service, there’s a one-time connection charge ranging from $35 to $75 per line in most urban areas. This connection charge depends upon development work previously done at the service address, as well as geographic location. The charge for rural areas ranges from $35 to $475. We’ll provide additional information on rates and prices before establishing service at your location. Extra charges may apply depending upon your situation.


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Get Home Phone 3 months free!


Sign up for Home Phone service and get 3 months of Home Phone service, Feature Package, and Anytime North America long distance for free!.

Offer is available to:

New Residential customers – new to SaskTel, new to Saskatchewan. A new customer is defined as someone who has not had that service for 12 months or 365 days.


Offer ends March 31, 2017. Other conditions may apply.