Wireless set-top box

$345/mo per set-top box

Requires a maxTV Wireless Video Access Point at the gateway (one-time fee of $24.75)


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Free your TV! Move your maxTV anywhere—only from SaskTel.


With maxTV wireless set-top box, you can move your TV wherever you want. Enjoy maxTV movie nights in the backyard, sports on the deck, or simply get around to rearranging the living room.

  • Watch TV anywhere in your home or backyard—all you need is a power outlet.
  • No rewiring means no holes drilled into your walls.
  • Nice and neat—no need to hide messy cables.


How it works

It's easy! A maxTV installer will install your wireless set-top box, attach a Wireless Video Access Point (VAP) to your gateway, and sync everything up for you.  Then you can move your TV and wireless set-top box to any location you want, plug them in, and you're ready to watch!  You can have up to 3 wireless set-top boxes.  

Want to make a non-wireless set-top box wireless? 
VAPs are available for a one-time equipment upgrade fee of $24.75 each (no ongoing monthly rental fee).  Just attach one VAP to your gateway, and another VAP to your set-top box (cannot be the PVR set-top box). 

It's so easy, you can do it yourself! For instructions, see Making a set-top box wireless.  

Want more TVs to be wireless?  You'll just need one additional VAP for each additional set-top box you want to make wireless.   

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Terms and conditions

The wireless set-top box requires a Wireless Video Access Point (one-time equipment upgrade fee of $24.75) to be attached to the gateway.You can have up to 3 wireless maxTV devices (wireless set-top boxes and/or VAPs) synced to the VAP at the gateway.  You can only have one VAP attached to the gateway.

VAPs are intended for use with maxTV service only; any other use is not supported. These devices are not for use with maxTV PVR set-top boxes (model number VIP 1216 or VIP 2262).

VAPs and set-top boxes are rented equipment and remain the property of SaskTel. These devices must be returned to SaskTel if maxTV service is cancelled.