Non-SaskTel device compatibility check

Non-SaskTel device compatibility check

This tool will help you determine if your non-SaskTel device is compatible with the SaskTel 4G network (it must be HSPA/UMTS and operate in the 850MHz and 1900MHZ frequency bands). Since there are thousands of phone models, we recommend visiting a SaskTel Store or SaskTel Authorized Dealer to verify your device is compatible.

Note: Devices may be SIM-locked, which means they'll only work with a SIM card from the original wireless service provider. To activate a compatible SIM-locked device on the SaskTel 4G network, you’ll need to contact your current/former wireless service provider to unlock the device (an unlock fee may apply).

1. Locate your IMEI

Display it on your device screen:

Most device models will display your IMEI on the screen by typing *#06#.

Find it on your device:

Turn off your device, remove the back cover and the battery, and find the number (15 - 18 digits) on the white sticker under the battery.

Can't find it?

If there is no IMEI associated to your device, we can't determine its compatibility with the SaskTel 4G network. Please visit a SaskTel Store or SaskTel Authorized Dealer for more information about your device.

2. Enter your device IMEI

15-18 digits long