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Employee testimonials

Jasmine Dreger

Senior Planner at SaskTel


Jasmine is a Senior Planner at SaskTel who loves the outdoors, and is hooked on fishing.

The best part of SaskTel is that I continually learn something new. I’ve had many different opportunities here and in each job I’ve learned how all the pieces come together. I’ve seen the construction work to provide service, the service reps process orders, and the installer go to the customer’s house and make it happen. Each day brings new challenges and opportunities and it makes working at SaskTel great.

At the end of the day, it comes down to the people. I love the people. SaskTel is a big company but with the culture and feel of a small company. It doesn't take long to know someone in another department who’ll help you out or point you to someone who can. The people are tremendous. They want you to succeed and will offer help or guidance at every opportunity. Working at SaskTel means you’re connected to something big.