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SaskTel - A Top Employer

It helps when you have a world-class workplace and culture to become a Top Employer, but what makes an employer exceptional is its employees. Our people are our strength and it shows.

Hear directly from our employees - in their own words - why they love to work here and what makes SaskTel a Top Employer.


Deanna Kleibor, Sales Associate, likes working at SaskTel because there are so many different job opportunities to choose from.


Steve Newman, as a Facilities Technician says "The change is what keeps me around."


Shauna Uhlik likes the fun people she works with as a Sales Representative and welcomes the opportunity to give back to the community by volunteering with the Pioneers.


Kurtis Thebeau is proud of  technologies he incorporates into the lives of the people he meets as a Customer Services Technician.


Brenda Miner who works as a Customer Services Technician says "I love the customer...I've worked at SaskTel for 38 years and I love my job." 


Lori Ethier, Business Sales and Solutions, enjoys helping her customers find solutions that make their jobs easier.


SaskTel Proud

And here's what more happy SaskTel employees had to say when asked what makes them proud of working for SaskTel:

"I think if you ask me what makes me proud, I have to first think about what is important in life. I don’t think insignificant things can make you proud. I have always thought that the people around you - your friends, family, colleagues, children, and teammates have the most potential to make you happy and therefore, are a particularly important thing in life. At SaskTel, we facilitate and make those connections among people easier. I like working for SaskTel because we are able to improve and advance those interactions."
Alex Brazill 

"I am proud of SaskTel because of the progress of telecommunications through the generations. We have gone from the party line phones to landlines to cellular. Think of all the families and businesses that have stayed connected because of the hard work of many SaskTel employees from generation to generation!"
Margaret Mcconnell

"I am so SaskTel Proud because of the many opportunities that are made available to me. I feel that my abilities are recognized and that there are many ways in which to further challenge myself and expand my skillset! I am so fortunate to be a part of SaskTel and its MANY accomplishments!!"
Valerie Lukash

"100+ Years of history, shared devotion for serving the community and a commitment to the best technology and service possible."
Shane Lightfoot

"I am very proud of SaskTel because of its social commitment to the people of Saskatchewan and contributions to our community through our benevolent program for non-profit organizations within Saskatchewan. Caring is Sharing!!"   
Curtis Mazur