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Corporate social responsibility reports

Corporate social responsibility reports

Even if it is not always recognized, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become an essential part of SaskTel’s customer experience. From forging long standing community partnerships, to having a dedicated team of employees around the province, to providing the best-in-class technological solutions and, to even protecting the environment, we are always balancing business priority with sustainability requirements.

SaskTel’s CSR approach is based on a 2011 independent analysis on how we could best achieve our CSR goals while aligning with our corporate responsibilities to our customers and our shareholders. The analysis determined five key areas of focus for our CSR practices:

  1. Ethical Leadership - SaskTel’s activities are guided by a set of values and principles designed to help all employees make ethical decisions in the conduct of the corporation’s business.
  2. Improving the Standard of Living for People in Saskatchewan - SaskTel has and will continue to support the people of Saskatchewan through a variety of means. Our Community Investment Program supports events, activities or projects which fit into the focus areas of diversity, technology, rural and youth.
  3. Increased Access to Products and Services - We will be a customer’s first choice by designing and delivering a positive customer experience every time.
  4. Employee Standards - The key to SaskTel’s success has always been our people. They are not just our strength, but also the kind of people who volunteer to lead, coach, counsel and care around our province.
  5. Environmental Stewardship - The SaskTel Eco(logical) strategy is innovative in its approach, laying out specific and aggressive goals for the organization to strive toward.

SaskTel also follows the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Sustainability reporting guidelines in developing our CSR reports.

Click on the links below to access SaskTel’s past Corporate Social Responsibility reports.