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2017 SaskTel scholarship recipients

Saskatchewan Polytechnic - Moose Jaw Campus:

Maddison Nurse-Sich

Home Town/City: Raymore

Area of study: Business Administration

Future aspirations: My future plans are to obtain my business administration diploma then get my degree in business. I eventually plan to get my master’s in business so I can work internationally. I have always wanted a career in business because I enjoy the mathematical challenges and I am a people person. I want to have a career that I know I love and that will help people connect with others.

Thoughts on being a recipient: I am very grateful for this opportunity! I come from a single-parent family so this will help my mom and I out immensely. I have always worked hard in life to get what I wanted, so to be rewarded feels incredible. I want to thank SaskTel for this amazing scholarship!

University of Regina

Francis Odum

Home Town/City: Regina, Saskatchewan.

Area of study: Business Administration: Major - Human Resources and Minor – Finance.

Future aspirations: My future aspiration is to become a Human Resources Management Consultant.

I am very passionate about developing people, and helping organizations solve their business challenges, specifically, as it relates to maximizing human capital potentials.

I have a vision of a business world where people, technology and organizations work together. As digital technologies continue to disrupt businesses, organizations must deal with how to manage change and their people. It is also imperative to understand how best to engage the new generation of millennials and embrace the culture of innovation that will be required to transform businesses. I want to play a leading role in that future!

Thoughts on being a recipient: Knowing that I won the scholarship makes me feel humbled, and, at the same time, greatly obliged. This scholarship serves as a financial relief to reduce my educational obligations.

Secondly, this scholarship serves as a motivation to continue working hard at school and in my efforts of giving back to the community.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to SaskTel. This scholarship is a great demonstration of SaskTel’s corporate social responsibility and their commitment of giving back to the community and I am very grateful.

MacKenzie Chittenden

Home Town/City: Pilot Butte, SK

Area of study: Actuarial Science

Future aspirations: My future aspirations include obtaining a degree in Actuarial Science. Throughout university, I look forward continuing to contribute to my community by volunteering and applying my leadership skills wherever possible, along with exploring the various opportunities offered by the university. Beyond university, I hope to acquire a rewarding career in a leadership role.

Thoughts on being a recipient: I am honoured to have received the SaskTel Scholarship. I feel privileged to have been selected as a recipient. Without the added financial stress that comes with continuing education, I will be able to take advantage of the opportunities around me that will allow me to expand my knowledge and experience in my field of study. This scholarship will allow me to focus more of my time on staying involved with my community and becoming a well-rounded university student and for that I am grateful.

Madison Schick

Home Town/City: Melville, Saskatchewan

Area of study: Business Administration

Future aspirations: My plan for this fall is to attend the University of Regina. Due to my love for math and accounting, I plan to pursue a career in accounting and hopefully open up my own firm. With achieving my goal, it allows me to go to work every day and do what I love doing.

Thoughts on being a recipient: I am very honored and grateful to be the recipient of the Gord Kuhn Scholarship as this is a huge opportunity that will help guide me in the right direction. I would like to thank SaskTel for giving me the opportunity to chase my dreams.

University of Saskatchewan

Morgan Kalk

Home Town/City: Lac La Ronge

Area of study: Management

Future aspirations: My true aspiration is to continuously build on myself as a person, a community member, and a professional. This means that my path will not come to an end. I plan to complete my degree in management, and either pursue my masters, or extend into the field of law. While achieving these goals, I will continue to contribute to my community through volunteering my time, giving back, and developing myself as a leader. I believe that this is truly what life is about.

Thoughts on being a recipient: I feel blessed to be a recipient of this scholarship. As many people know, successful completion of any level of education on a student budget can be very difficult, and stress-ridden. Receiving this financial support will relieve some of this stress and allow me to focus more on my studies, and for this I am grateful. Thank you.

Kendra Farmer

Home Town/City: Saskatoon

Area of study: Engineering

Future aspirations: I plan to complete my engineering degree at the U of S. Since there are so many different fascinating fields in Engineering, I am currently undecided as to which one I will be specializing in. After I choose, I then hope to continue on to a successful career and stay involved in my community.

Thoughts on being a recipient: I am very honoured to be chosen for this scholarship out of a pool of many deserving applicants. This scholarship will help me further my education and reach my goals with less financial stress and I am very thankful to SaskTel for this great opportunity.

Richelle Kent

Home Town/City: Prince Albert

Area of study: Engineering

Future aspirations: I plan on getting a career in engineering. After this I wish to get a job in this field and maybe move up the corporate latter to be a manager or CEO of a company. I hope to practice in a field that I love to work at doing just what I have always wanted. One day I hope to give back to a community that has helped me to become the person I am today.

Thoughts on being a recipient: I would like to thank SaskTel for this scholarship because I am so honored to receive this award among so many other young people in Saskatchewan. I feel so elated to get this scholarship that I cannot put into words how happy I am to receive this scholarship. I really feel blessed to get this extra money toward my education as this extra bonus will really help me financially.

Dannielle Brewster

Home Town/City: La Ronge

Area of study: Engineering

Future aspirations: After obtaining my Bachelor of Science in Engineering, I will obtain my Professional Engineering license so I can practice engineering for 3-5 years. I will then go back to get my master’s in Engineering Management. All throughout my career, I will work for environmentally friendly companies. I also plan to continue volunteering and leading initiatives that encourage young students to pursue fields in STEM and environmental efforts. I want to make a positive impact on our youth and sustainable development in our world. My skills have always been in interpersonal and science areas so I plan to fully utilize and develop them.

Thoughts on being a recipient: I am extremely fortunate to receive this scholarship. It is a huge help for students who wish to put their all into school and other initiatives to help them get ahead. I will work to be a great representative of SaskTel and put their money to good use. Thank you, SaskTel!