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SaskTel continues to build the best 4G network Saskatchewan wide

SaskTel continues to build the best 4G network Saskatchewan wide

May 5, 2014

Another  18 enhancements completed in February, March and April 2014

SaskTel today announced it has completed another 18 4G  and 4G LTE wireless network infrastructure enhancement projects across the  province in the months of February, March and April to address the ever-growing  customer demand for network coverage and capacity.

“SaskTel has a long record in pursuing  innovative and cutting edge solutions when it comes to expanding our 4G network  across the province,” said Don McMorris, Minister Responsible for SaskTel. “We  are committed to building and powering the largest, fastest and most complete  wireless network in the province.”

SaskTel is using a variety of  infrastructure options to enhance wireless service based on usage patterns and  demands. In addition to traditional towers being constructed across the  province, SaskTel is also increasing capacity and coverage by deploying other options  when traditional towers are not feasible due to space or other  limitations.  These include installing  carrier antennas to increase coverage strength inside of buildings,  streetlights, rooftops, wooden and stealth poles, as well as installing new cellular  sites such as towers or COWS (cellular on wheels) in various locations.

The communities that received 4G and 4G LTE  network enhancements in February, March and April 2014, including the type of  enhancement completed are as follows:

  • Saskatoon: An In-Building Solution at the Saskatoon Police Services  was put in service with 4G and 4G LTE. Installed and turned up rooftop sites on  the Albert Community Centre and on the U of S Wollaston Hall with 4G and 4G LTE  to increase coverage and capacity.
  • Prince Albert: Erected a new stealth tower at  Central Avenue and added a cell site into the existing street light structures  at 2nd Avenue West and 31st Street West.  In addition, LTE capacity was also enabled at  both of these locations.
  • Macklin: Added an additional 2  sectors to the existing tower to increase 4G coverage and capacity.
  • Duck Lake: Added an additional 2  sectors to the existing tower to increase 4G coverage and capacity. 
  • Midale: Added 2 carriers to all 3  sectors at the existing tower to increase 4G coverage and capacity.
  • Odessa: Erected a new tower to increase  4G coverage and capacity.
  • Biggar: Added 2 carriers to the existing tower to increase 4G coverage and capacity.
  • Wynard: Added additional sectors and  carriers to increase 4G coverage and capacity.
  • Swift Current: Erected a mobile cell site  called a COW (Cellular on Wheels) at the Pioneer Co op to increase 4G coverage and capacity.
  • Whitewood: Added an additional carrier  to all 3 sectors of the existing tower to increase 4G coverage and capacity.

The addition of sectors and carriers  increase network capacity by adding more radio frequency channels.  Each additional carrier added to a site will  increase the network capacity at that site by an incremental amount.  Adding a second carrier approximately doubles  network capacity. Going from two to three additional carriers increases network  capacity by approximately 50 per cent above that and going from three to four  additional carriers increases capacity by a further 33 per cent. Increasing  sectors adds an antenna which further improves coverage and capacity.

The 4G network provides increased  bandwidth with download speeds of up to 21 Mbps per second. With 4G LTE, customers will see  data speeds approximately five times faster (approximately 100 Mbps download  and 50 Mbps upload) than the 4G network meaning customers can stream music,  share pictures and videos, download apps and game faster than ever before.

About SaskTel

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