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SaskTel launches infiNET in Rosthern

SaskTel launches infiNET in Rosthern

June 28, 2017

The fastest network in Saskatchewan with Infinite Potential

SaskTel today announced that infiNETTM, Saskatchewan's fastest fibre optics network, is now launching in some Rosthern neighborhoods. Residents living in infiNET served neighborhoods will be able to connect to the new network shortly, with all Rosthern residents having the opportunity to sign-up for Internet and maxTVTM service over infiNET once their neighborhood is converted.

Late last year, SaskTel announced plans to invest $1.8 million in a pilot project to bring infiNET to Rosthern. The results of this project will help SaskTel determine the feasibility of expanding infiNET to more rural communities throughout Saskatchewan in the future.

“I'm thrilled that in a matter of weeks infiNET will be available in every home and business in Rosthern,” said Dennis Helmuth, Mayor of Rosthern. “By adding SaskTel's infiNET service to Rosthern's already impressive list of amenities we are not only improving the quality of life of our current residents and businesses we are also differentiating Rosthern as a forward looking and tech savvy community in the minds of prospective residents and businesses. As Mayor, I know we are all delighted that Rosthern was selected for this pilot project and am quite confident that this project will pay great dividends for both Rosthern and SaskTel alike.”

“Our government understands that all residents of Saskatchewan require access to fast and reliable communication services in order to compete in today’s global economy,” said Dustin Duncan, Minister Responsible for SaskTel. “SaskTel’s investment in Rosthern will greatly benefit the community by opening the door to new social and economic opportunities that will enhance the lives of all residents.”

infiNET is being deployed by SaskTel’s ambitious $670 million Fibre-To-The-Premise program that will bring fibre directly to homes and business by upgrading SaskTel’s broadband network across Saskatchewan’s nine largest cities. Beyond the immediate benefits of faster Internet speeds for consumers, this network enhancement will have added benefits down the road. As demands for more bandwidth and faster speeds increase, infiNET provides SaskTel with a flexible platform that can quickly grow to meet its customer’s needs.

infiNET provides amazingly fast speed – up to 260 megabits per second (Mbps) downloading and 60 Mbps uploading – the fastest available in Saskatchewan.

  • Download and upload data, movies, music, and more in a fraction of the time
  • Stream HD movies, play games, and video chat without freezing, pixelation, or dropped connections
  • Get unlimited downloading with no overage fees

infiNET offers HD programming and digital TV recording delivered to every maxTV set-top box in a home.

  • Watch HD on up to 7 TVs
  • Record up to 4 programs simultaneously with maxTV PVR
  • Get more bundling options for maxTV with even faster Internet speeds
  • Stream Netflix right on the maxTV set-top box

The Fibre To The Premises program and the Rosthern pilot project are part of SaskTel's commitment to invest over $300 million in capital in Saskatchewan in 2017/18 and $1.4 billion through 2016-2021. Investments like these will ensure that Saskatchewan will continue to receive some of the best communication and entertainment services in the world.

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