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Saskatchewan says “so-long” to old-fashioned Wi-Fi and “hello” to the future of connectivity with the launch of Optimum In-home Wi-Fi from SaskTel

Saskatchewan says “so-long” to old-fashioned Wi-Fi and “hello” to the future of connectivity with the launch of Optimum In-home Wi-Fi from SaskTel

August 10, 2020

SaskTel today unveiled Optimum In-home Wi-Fi. Combining the latest breakthroughs in Wi-Fi technology to deliver unparalleled levels of coverage, performance, and control, Optimum In-home Wi-Fi is helping people all over Saskatchewan say so-long, goodbye, adios, and au revoir to old-fashioned Wi-Fi forever.

“Firmly cemented as Saskatchewan’s communications leader, SaskTel is once again improving connections across the province with the launch of their new Wi-Fi service,” said Don Morgan, Minister Responsible for SaskTel. “This latest innovation will help families across Saskatchewan fully utilize the bandwidth from their home internet networks, strengthening their ability to connect and participate in the digital world.”

Full Coverage – Optimum In-home Wi-Fi utilizes multiple internet access points to create a network that delivers strong Wi-Fi coverage in each room of the house, ensuring that everything from tablets and gaming consoles to the smart thermostat and doorbell video camera can connect to a fast and reliable Wi-Fi signal.

Peak Performance – Powered by intelligent software that automatically steers every single connected device to the ideal access point and Wi-Fi channel, Optimum In-home Wi-Fi ensures that each device has an optimal Wi-Fi connection to perform at its best.

“As the number of smart devices in our homes continue to grow at a rapid rate, so do the demands placed on our home networks,” said Doug Burnett, SaskTel President and CEO. “Delivering whole-home coverage that has the ability to organize all network connections combined with intuitive user controls, Optimum In-home Wi-Fi provides our customers with peace of mind knowing that their home network is well-equipped to handle their household data needs today and into the future.”

Total Control – Included with Optimum In-home Wi-Fi is the mobile app which gives customers full control of their entire home network. Available for download on smartphones and tablets, the mobile app allows customers to:

  • Change the Wi-Fi password, quickly and easily
  • View all devices connected to the home network
  • Monitor the amount of bandwidth each device is consuming
  • Manage the access points devices are connecting through
  • Troubleshoot and resolve home network issues immediately
  • Review overall home network performance

Launching today, Optimum In-home Wi-Fi is now available to SaskTel Internet subscribers in 460 communities throughout Saskatchewan for as low as $10/month.

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