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Engage students in a connected world and enhance administrative efficiency.

You want to focus on teaching and learning outcomes to increase student engagement and literacy rates all in a cost effective way. Meeting the growing demand for technology and supporting new areas of teaching and learning is a constant challenge. Your focus is on meeting the growing demand for technology in the classroom and supporting new ways of teaching and learning through this technology. You are looking for ways to create organizational capacity through the effective management of technology.

Enhance teaching and learning outcomes

Your students use mobile devices and technology for everything, including learning and sharing which puts an increasing demand on your network. Monitor the health and security of your network to ensure superior performance that allows you to make student experiences more personalized and interactive.

Spend wisely

Keep all of your facilities connected in one secure reliable network. Stay within your budget without compromising speed and service with scalable solutions to meet your needs today and the growing needs of your students and staff tomorrow.

Increase efficiencies

Reduce administrative tasks and improve collaboration between your staff and teachers with collaboration and conferencing solutions allowing them to focus on their lesson plans, students, and parents.

Trusted experience

Advanced connectivity is critical for the success of students today and in the future. Your students and staff deserve the largest and fastest networks with a guarantee that they will continue to grow. Our team of experts are dedicated to ensuring your students, staff, and parents are supported by local experts and we will continue to ensure your students stay connected.

SaskTel solutions

Maximize productivity and improve efficiency. Communicate and collaborate with teachers and staff across your organization, from anywhere using Hosted Collaboration Solution.

Allow your staff and teachers to connect, communicate, and collaborate from anywhere on any device using Integrated Business Communications.

Your teachers, administration, and board may be geographically dispersed and effective collaboration is essential to the success of your organization and students. Conferencing solutions allow you to effectively collaborate with your off-site team without expensive travel costs.

Free up your IT staff to focus on key projects that enhance teaching and learning outcomes and engage your students. With Cloud Hosting we will maintain the IT infrastructure that supports your organization so that you can focus on what matters most – your students.