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Productivity. Safety. Efficiency.

Your industry and business is constantly changing. You adjust your product supply in response to market dynamics that affect your organizational structure, operating costs, projects, and shareholder value. You are continually affected by market demands and competition from local and foreign competitors, which can impact your planned capital projects and revenue. You are looking for a partner that can meet the changing needs of your industry and business and one that provides the same quality of service and products you provide to your customers.

Get fast, reliable connections

You need fast and reliable connections that allow you to take advantage of comprehensive IP-enabled technologies that connect your entire production and operations. Your business is constantly changing and you need to be able to run it at maximum speed with secure, reliable networks.

Ensure the safety of your employees and the environment

Extracting minerals is difficult and often located in remote, hazardous locations - safety is always a top priority and you need a solution that allows you to manage these concerns.

Communicate with your employees on the surface and below the ground

Enhance communication and collaboration between your employees by providing them with the solutions they need to connect them around the province.

Keep your expenses down and profits up

Boost performance and efficiency to reduce downtime. Better manage and schedule your fleets and assets, everywhere. Outsourcing the management and maintenance of your IT infrastructure allows you to focus on your core business and revenue producing projects.

Trusted experience

Your focus is on providing quality natural resources to your customers quickly and safely. You need the guarantee that your IT and communication solutions are up and running and will continue to grow with you. Our team of experts understand the local landscape like no one else and are available 24/7 throughout the province and within your communities, allowing you to focus on providing resources for today and tomorrow.

SaskTel solutions

Ensure your critical data is stored in a safe and secure environment and is available when you need it with Data Centre services.

Equipment efficiency is critical. M2M technology provides you with the connectivity that allows your assets to communicate and transmit important information so you know the status of everything vital to your business.

Stay connected and meet the needs of your business. Whether you need a complete networking solution, fast and reliable Internet access or integrating your voice and data networks into one – our Internet and networking solutions have you covered.

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