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Oil and gas

Balance exploration and production demands with health and safety priorities and environmental stewardship.

Your industry is a challenging place to operate. Demand for products continues to rise, prices fluctuate regularly, and there are continued efforts to develop new technologies that will increase efficiency but decrease the environmental impact. Health and safety of employees, the environment, and public remain top priorities.

Whether you're up-stream, mid-stream, or down-stream, you need to be connected – connected to head office, the regional office, to the site, and to the field to meet your industries challenges. You need to be connected to customers, partners, suppliers, and contractors to increase productivity, maximize resources, and generate more profit. We've got you covered.

Protect your workers

The safety of your employees is your top priority. You need innovative solutions which can help meet the challenge of making the lone employee in the field as safe as possible.

Reduce operational expenses and identify risks early

Network performance is crucial to your business and operations, but building and managing networks shouldn't be your focus. From basic connectivity to advanced fully managed network configurations, we will ensure your network is available and running at optimal performance with proactive monitoring and management so you can avoid costly downtime and focus on your business.

Improve collaboration

Your employees, suppliers, and customers are geographically dispersed and effective collaboration tools are essential to success. Improve communication and stream content around the world to collaborate in real time and facilitate faster decision making. You need to communicate from anywhere at anytime.

Get fast, reliable connections

Your success depends on making smart decisions fast and you need the same, quick access to information on the oil rig and in the office. Innovative solutions keep you connected when you're in the office, on the road or in the field.

Trusted experience

Reliability in the field is just as critical as reliability in your head office and that's why our team of experts are available 24/7 throughout the province. Dedicated to ensuring you stay connected with your employees, suppliers, and customers and providing you with quality end-to-end solutions to help your business succeed.

Oil and gas coverage map.

SaskTel solutions

Stay connected to your office, site, and field, even when you're on the go. From our extensive wireless networks, to devices and rate plans that will fit your needs – Wireless services from SaskTel have you covered!

Ensure your critical data regarding your operations is stored in a safe and secure environment and is available when you need it with Data Centre services.

Extend communication and collaboration tools across your organization – from your regional office, to head office, to site, and field with Integrated Business Communications, allowing your employees to communicate with each other, customers, and suppliers from anywhere, on any device.

Making quick decisions is critical to your operations. Virtually collaborate in real time across the globe so valuable resources and production are optimized with conferencing solutions.

Stay connected no matter where you are – in the office or in the field – with fast, reliable network connections.

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