Features and equipment

Get digital and HD TV, extra PVRs, set-top boxes, and RF remotes. We have everything you need to give your customers a great maxTV experience.

Features and equipment

  • HDTV

    See the action in high-definition. Upgrade your maxTV™ package to HD and get more than 100 HD channels of movies, news, sports, family programs, cooking shows, and more.

  • PVR

    maxTV PVR service lets you pause, rewind, and replay live TV. Plus, record shows directly to your maxTV set-top box.

  • Set-top boxes

    Want maxTV on more TVs? Get additional set-top boxes for your business for just $4.95 per month!

  • RF remotes

    You're in complete control with the Motorola MXv4 RF Remote Control & Adapter. Control your maxTV set-top box through furniture, walls, and cabinets.