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Live every heart-stopping moment with 4K!

With resolution up to 4 times better than HD, you'll get an ultra-clear picture, enhanced motion, and brighter colours so it's like you're right in the action.

4K is a must have-have for any sports fan. Our 4K lineup includes TSN 4K, Sportsnet 4K, and Sportsnet ONE 4K. 

What you need to watch

Here's what you'll need to watch 4K:

  • 4K television
  • 4K maxTV set-top box
  • HDMI 2.1 cable or higher
  • Standard, Must Haves, Next Level maxTV for Business or Business Tavern maxTV
  • infiNET internet plan

You'll also need to adjust the settings on your set-top box to display 4K content. To find out how and learn more about watching shows in 4K, visit sasktel.com/4Ksupport.

*Monthly charge is for the 4K service only. When you add 4K you'll get access to all the 4K channels in and any 4K channels in theme packs and specialty channels you subscribe to. Set-top box rental fees are extra.

*Not all TSN and Sportsnet programming is available in 4K. If programming is unavailable in 4K, the 4K channels may display content in HD or a customer may have to view programming on an HD channel.

*If you do not subscribe to SaskTel internet, your maxTV service location must be connected to the infiNET network.


4K theme packs and specialty channels

Get automatic access to the 4K channels within any theme packs or specialty channels