Are you a small business or start-up company looking for an infrastructure-only service, an established business looking to offload parts or all of your infrastructure management, or a large enterprise looking for a fully managed solution?

SaskTel Cloud Hosting offers reliable, scalable, and secure computing resources from our highly-available Cloud, an intuitive and easy-to-use self-serve portal, and a diverse set of SaskTel-managed services.

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Service previously called Managed Hosting

Why Choose SaskTel Cloud Hosting?

Truly local
Our service is hosted in one of our highly redundant Data Centres located in the province of Saskatchewan. Our service is local and your data stays in Saskatchewan.

Availability commitments
We offer a minimum 99.9% availability for your virtual environment that grows up to 99.96% availability as you use more SaskTel-managed services.

Self-serve portal
Increase computing resources, deploy virtual servers, request management services, and more, from our easy-to-use web-based portal; changes you make take effect in a matter of minutes.

Monthly and contract options are available for computing resources (CPU and RAM), everything else is on a pay-per-use basis.

Reduced rates
With a contract, you receive reduced rates not only on your computing resources but also on the additional services offered under Cloud Hosting.


Service Options

Virtual Resources Groups (VRG)

You are provided a Virtual Resources Group (VRG) that works as a base for your virtual data centre. Each VRG includes a pool of virtual CPUs, virtual RAM, and IP addresses.

Premium 32 64 1
Elite 12 32 1
Standard Plus 8 16 1
Standard 4 8 1
Basic 2 2 1

Enterprise VRG: A contracted, customized solution for large deployments not readily met by our existing VRGs.

Call 1.844.SASKTEL for more information on Enterprise VRG or to give Cloud Hosting a try on a monthly basis.

Additional Services

We have a number of additional services available.

Add-ons  Includes
  • vCPU
  • vRAM
  • Tier 1 Storage
  • Tier 2 Storage
  • Tier 3 Storage
  • Tier 4 Storage
  • Edge Gateways
SaskTel managed
  • Tier 1 Management
  • Server Patching
  • Antivirus
  • Virtual Private Networks
  • VPN Software Clients
  • Load Balancer
  • Virtual Firewalls
  • Operational meeting
  • Customized reports
  • Microsoft Licenses
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux
Physical servers If you require dedicated computing infrastructure, we will work with you to create a solution for your specific needs.
Professional services
  • Assessment and Advisory
  • Design and Architecture
  • Training
  • Implementation and Migration
  • Project Management
  • More

More packages, pricing, and add-ons available.



Kinsmen TeleMiracle

COVID-19 challenged local charities to come up with new fundraising ideas. For Kinsmen TeleMiracle, the introduction of the paperless 50/50 draw helped them through the crisis. This video tells the story of Kinsmen TeleMiracle using EchoLotto, an online platform for raffles, charities, and nonprofits to hold province-wide online 50/50s that helps them raise the funds they need to deliver the services they provide.

When the numbers rolled in, the final total ended up being the third highest total ever raised in the 45-year history of TeleMiracle. The solution was backed by SaskTel Cloud Hosting, a service that delivers a managed environment for server equipment.

Telemiracle video

Lung Association of Saskatchewan

"We switched to SaskTel Managed Hosting [Cloud Hosting] when all our websites crashed due to a single, dedicated server hardware fail. Before our out-of-province host even found the outage problem, SaskTel provisioned a new virtual server for us to host all our software and data. We now save money, have the power of virtualized memory and CPU allocation for big projects, and best of all, have local people right here in Saskatchewan covering our backs. Thank you SaskTel for this amazing one-day turnaround!"

Rod Ollerhead
Vice President of Enterprise Technology
Lung Association of Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan Roughriders

When the Saskatchewan Roughriders moved into the new Mosaic Stadium, they faced several obstacles. Their former office was in a building that was challenged in terms of technology and they were moving into a new, state-of-the-art facility. They turned to SaskTel because we understand their business needs.

The Roughriders had long been a SaskTel customer and the organization was already enjoying the advantages of Cloud Hosting. It provided a strong starting point to build a custom solution for the team. It provided a strong starting point to build a custom solution for the team. We recommended augmenting their portfolio of SaskTel services with Hosted Collaboration Solution, connecting the entire office with the rest of the world. The Riders also went with Hosted Contact Centre to optimize their resources.

"Whether it's that move to SaskTel's data centre or allowing our fans to contact our ticket office through phone solutions, SaskTel really handles our technology," says Craig Reynolds, President and CEO, Saskatchewan Roughriders. "And that allows us to focus on our business, which is running a football team."

Craig Reynolds, President & CEO
Saskatchewan Roughriders

Saskatchewan Roughrider video

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