Is your backup solution right for your business? Does it back up your most critical data? Do you know where your data is stored and how secure it is? Having the right solution ensures your business avoids the significant problems that can arise if you are not properly protecting your systems and data against loss.

SaskTel Cloud Backup is an affordable and easy to use solution that protects your business’s data against hardware defects, lost or stolen devices, employee error, natural disasters, and cyber security threats like ransomware or cyberattacks. You can be confident your most critical data is backed up automatically and, in event of data loss, you have a solid and reliable way to restore your data.

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Cloud Backup free trial

Secure your business during this time of uncertainty and get Cloud Backup free for 3 months. Learn more

What is Cloud Backup?

Not sure what Cloud Backup is? Watch this short video to learn what it is, how it works, and why it is the right solution for your business.


Why choose SaskTel Cloud Backup?

  • Easily and quickly back up and restore your data
  • Pricing as low as $9 per month and no contracts required
  • Intuitive online self-serve portal available anytime, from anywhere
  • SLA-backed 99.9% uptime so your data is available when you need it
  • Data is safe and secure in our world-class Data Centres in Regina and Saskatoon

SaskTel owns the network that powers our enterprise-class data centres. Our data centres are located in Saskatchewan, a geographically stable area, and are built to the standards of the telecommunication industry to meet data centre best practices. This provides you with high availability equivalents to the standards required for emergency services—24x7x365 redundancy, security, and availability.

Protection from ransomware

Ransomware is a subset of malware designed to target individuals or organizations. Attackers gain full control of the system and restrict access to personal and confidential files unless a ransom is paid. More complicated than malware, it locks up the system files and encrypts them, affecting personal computers, tablets, or smartphones, until a ransom is paid to unlock the system.

How SaskTel Cloud Backup protects you from ransomware:

  • Automatically detects the presence of abnormal file activity on your computer, desktop, or server
  • File activities are checked every 5 minutes and abnormal activity is reported by an alert and event
  • A message will display indicating an irregularity in the amount of file activity detected
  • Ransomware can be cleared and data restored from a recent backup

“Around 25 per cent of all businesses will be targeted by hackers at some point. Additionally, 60 per cent of those stores that are not insured do not recover and close within six months. Small shops are often the biggest target.”

— Greg Marcyniuk with Heritage Insurance


Service details

With Cloud Backup, you can back up:

  • Virtual servers
  • Physical servers
  • End-user devices such as desktops and laptops
  • Databases and applications

With the self–serve portal, you can:

  • Complete your own restores
  • View and action service alerts
  • Customize backup schedules and durations
  • Access and download reports

SaskTel Cloud Backup allows you to back up important data and backup jobs are automated and executed every day. SaskTel Cloud Backup includes one backup copy included at one of our locations. Additional copies at one of our other locations are available for an extra charge.



Monthly pricing starts as low as $9 per month, per device, plus the cost storage. Storage includes a 30-day retention period. Additional retention periods available at an extra charge, including 90 days, 180 days, one year, or longer. No contract required.



Cloud Backup Management Add-on

Save time and increase productivity by letting us manage your Cloud Backup. With SaskTel Cloud Backup Management Add-on, our Professional Services are available to install*, manage, monitor, and support Cloud Backup for your business.


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Cloud Backup free trial

Secure your business during this time of uncertainty and back up important data automatically with Cloud Backup free trial for 3 months. After 3 months, Cloud Backup is available for as low as $9/month with no contract.

Help protect your servers, applications, databases, and devices such as computers and laptops.

Get the Cloud Backup free trial for 3 months. Contact your SaskTel Representative or call 1.844.SASKTEL (1.844.727.5835) for details.

Offer may end at any time. After 3 months, regular pricing for Cloud Backup applies. Available to new Cloud Backup business customers only. Available as a monthly rental service only and includes up to 5 endpoints, up to 5 Microsoft 365 users and 1 TB of backup storage with single copy and 30-day retention period. Self-install only. Customers must agree to the terms and conditions of the service contract.