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SaskTel Colocation allows you to protect your IT infrastructure without the expense of building and managing your own data centre.

We provide you with:

  • Data centre space
  • Power and cooling infrastructure services
  • Bandwidth usage
  • 24/7 security
  • Customizable solution to adjust to your business needs
  • Keep control of your equipment, data, and applications; we manage and maintain the infrastructure to keep them up and running
  • Data stays local in one of our 4 Data Centre facilities in Saskatchewan

Why SaskTel Colocation?

Dependable services

We offer four Colocation Data Centres across Saskatchewan, an area of low risk for natural disasters. We guarantee a minimum 99.99% operational uptime availability included in your service level agreement, and have had zero outages and zero unavailable time in all our facilities.

Scalable services

Easily and economically scale up your service to meet the demand your business requires as it grows. Plan for growth by reserving space in the data centre at a fraction of the regular rates.

Physical security

Sophisticated security systems with 24/7 monitoring, alarming, and physical security, plus keycard and biometric access controls so only you have access to your equipment.

Our facilities

  • We offer four Colocation facilities across Saskatchewan to best suit your business needs
  • We are the only Tier III provider, with both Tier III facilities boasting 99.999% availability
  • We have made huge investments to better serve our customers, and to house our own IT infrastructure
  • We have made these investments so you don't have to

Service options


Sasktel Data Centres

There are four Colocation Data Centre facilities located within Saskatchewan. Click on each location for detailed specifications:

We use an industry leading Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software to more efficiently monitor and manage all of our Data Centres; and to better plan, design, and support customers' environments.

We guarantee a minimum 99.99% operational uptime availability included in your service agreement.    

We follow stringent Data Centre requirements and functional policies and processes, including the ASHRAE 2011 Environmental Class A1 guidelines.

All of our Data Centres feature a reinforced, three-tiered security system to protect your equipment:

  • 24/7/365 monitoring, alarming, and physical security
  • IP cameras
  • Two-level access and authentication system to the data centre featuring biometric scanning and card-swipe systems

2018 Brian Eckel Award

Our Tier III Data Centre project was awarded the Brian Eckel Award of Merit by the Association of Consulting Engineers.



"We looked in Calgary, Edmonton, and Winnipeg, and yet we were most impressed with SaskTel's data centre."

Ken Seitz, former President and CEO


Click below to watch Ken Seitz's video on SaskTel's colocation services.



"The obvious choice at the end of the day was SaskTel Colocation service."

Glen Davies, City Manager 
City of Regina


Find out why the City of Regina chose Colocation from SaskTel (pdf)


Click below to watch Glen Davies' video on SaskTel's colocation services.



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