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Service options

Floor space Details
Shared space = Public space Ready to use rack with combination-lock doors, two standard PDUs, and a shared internet link with up to thirty IP addresses.
Caged environment = Private space A caged environment can provide an additional level of security or accommodate non-standard requirements that our shared space cannot.
*Only available for customers with 6 or more racks.
Reserved space Plan for growth by reserving space in the data centre at a fraction of the regular rental rates.
Rack Details
Full size Three configuration options available: 24" server, 30" server, or 30" network rack
Partial option 1/2 24" or 1/3 24"
Network Details
Business-grade networks Preferred pricing available for Colocation customers on our networks, including Dedicated Internet, LANspan, LANspan IP, and Virtual Private LAN Service.
Carrier Neutral Have your third-party network provider work with our Carrier Services group to establish network connectivity to your Colocation environment.
Shared bandwidth Access to 1 GB of shared bandwidth.
Power Details
Reserved Racks are configured to provide a maximum power capacity. You are charged a flat rate per month based on the maximum power we provide to your racks.
Metered Pay-per-use model with rates charged based on the exact amount of power your equipment consumes in a month.
Add-ons Details
Security Select additional security as you need:
  • Lockable doors
  • Card-swipe access for a cage of six or more racks
  • Biometric access for a cage of six or more racks
  • Install your own monitoring system
Migration planning We can help you design the best migration plan for your environment that adapts to your current situation and mitigates any possible downtime risks.
Remote hands and eyes Maximize operational uptime and costs by eliminating the need to dispatch your own personnel to on-site locations to perform simple tasks such as:
  • Swap devices
  • Destroy media securely
  • Mount servers
  • Reboot servers
  • Configure servers
Equipment installation We will coordinate and execute the installation of your equipment in our data centre – ship us your fully-ready equipment and we’ll take care of the rest.

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