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Communicate with your contacts, staff, customers, shareholders, and suppliers—all in one call. With TalkMail, you can send the same message to multiple recipients, either online or from any phone, 24/7. It’s easier than ever!

Give a personal touch to your meeting announcements, news blasts, service shutdown updates, and product sales and specials.

Need to send a lot of messages or just a few? Choose either Basic Business TalkMail or Super Business TalkMail to best suit your needs.

Basic Business TalkMail Super Business TalkMail

25 sent messages

135 sent messages

25 destinations per list

250 destinations per list


Options that fit your unique needs
Send a message to mailboxes without ringing your recipients’ phones. Schedule your message to arrive up to 30 days in advance, and administer distribution lists by telephone or online.

Easy for you
Get friendly step-by-step instructions as you record and prepare your message. Before you send it, you’ll know everything’s in good working order. You can be confident that the right message reaches the right people.

Easy for your recipients
Your recipients will find it easy to receive, reply to, and forward your messages. They’ll be notified of your message through a stutter dial tone or a flashing light on their phone. They can even have their messages delivered to an alternate telephone number. Plus they can use their notification schedule to choose a call, email, or text when they have messages waiting.



Only need to use TalkMail a little? Pay by the message. Want to send to more recipients? Go for a monthly subscription.

The following rates apply for each recipient when your messages are sent, replied to, or forwarded. These fees are not charged for messages you send to people with Enhanced or Enhanced Plus Voice Mail. You’ll never be charged for receiving messages.

Per recipient rates 
over 6,000$0.15

Subscription rates
RecipientsMonthly Charge
1001-3000    $150.00
3001-6000    $300.00


Long distance charges apply for messages sent to, replied to, or forwarded to long distance numbers. A Service Connection Charge (SCC) of $9 covers the setup of your mailbox and each of your recipients’ mailboxes. You only need new mailboxes if your recipients don’t already have a TalkMail or Voice Mail mailbox. The maximum SCC is $450 for setting up as many as 1,500 mailboxes on the same day.

Additional services

  • Add System Distribution Lists (SDLs) to any Business Voice Mail service, with capacity for up to 5,000 recipients. You can set up your own SDL on at no charge—or let us do it for you for a small custom work charge.
  • Use a single greeting and a convenient combined mailbox for your business and wireless numbers with Combined Voice Mail.
  • Get all the benefits of TalkMail and more by upgrading to Business Voice Mail!


TalkMail service is not available in Kinoosao or Uranium City.