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Automatically transfer any call to a pre-determined telephone number when the line is busy.

Worried about missing an important call? With Call Forward Busy, you won't have to! Call Forward Busy transfers incoming calls to a specified telephone number when the line is busy.

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  • The number must be specified at the time the service is requested.
  • A service charge will be incurred each time this number is changed.
  • Customers can request to have more than one Call Forwarded  simultaneously.  If this is a subsequent programming change, there will be a service connection charge.
  • For Multi-Line customers with hunting trunks, Call Forward Busy can only be added to the main telephone number of the hunting group.
  • Applicable long distance charges apply to the Call Forward Busy subscriber when forwarding to a long distance number.
A service connection charge of  $9.00 will apply. If multiple Calling Features are ordered per session, you will only be charged one service connection charge.