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Remote Call Forwarding allows you to subscribe to a local Saskatchewan telephone number and automatically have these local calls re-directed to your business in another area.

Are you a business based out of Yorkton, looking for a local Regina number? Remote Call Forwarding allows your customers to dial a local Regina number and automatically have their calls forwarded to your office in Yorkton. Each Remote Call Forwarding number includes a standard service directory listing in the local exchange of the Remote Call Forwarding number.


A monthly charge of $33.00 will be applied for each Remote Call Forwarding number.

A service connection charge of $45.00 will apply for the first Remote Call Forwarding number ($32.00 for each subsequent Remote Call Forwarding number). There are no service connection charges for programming changes on the Remote Call Forwarding number.

Remote Call Forwarding customers are responsible for all applicable long distance charges from your exchange to the Remote Call Forwarding number.



  • You must specify to which number the calls are to be forwarded.
  • You can have more than one Remote Call Forwarding Number forwarded to the same number.
  • Calls placed to your Remote Call Forwarding number cannot be redirected to a telephone number outside of Canada or the United States, or to a coin telephone.
  • Remote Call Forwarding is available to residential and business customers.
  • If the number being Remote Call Forwarded is a business number or being used for business purposes, the local access line it is terminating to must be a business number, have a business class of service and a business listing.
  • All directory listings and advertising are subject to the rates, terms and conditions of DirectWest and SaskTel.
  • At your request, your Remote Call Forwarding number can be treated as non-published or non-listed service.