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The Graphical Expansion Module for the 1100 Series enhances customer investment in selected models of IP Phone 1100 Series desk sets by delivering added scalability of line/programmable feature keys at the desktop.

The Graphical Expansion Module (GEM) for 1100 series can be used to expand the number of fixed line and feature keys available on the 1120E, 1140E, 1150E IP Phones.

A single IP Phone can support up to three GEMs. Each expansion module provides 22 additional keys spread over two pages with 18 soft-labeled feature keys.


  • Comes standard with a Super Twisted Nematic (STN), high- resolution, 118*414 pixel, graphical, grayscale, white-backlit anti-glare coated display. The anti-glare coating on the Expansion Module gives its backlight an appealing blue hue.
  • The graphical display of the Expansion Module is positioned to support eight-levels of grayscale.
  • Support of Power over Ethernet adds a measure of resiliency should local power fail for the Expansion Module backlight (all but the backlight of the display remain operational and can provide service).
  • 802.3af Power over Ethernet or local AC power options deliver maximum customer flexibility in deployment.
  • Integrates a continuous tilt-angle stand which is designed to match the angle position of the IP Phone 1100 Series deskset.
  • Contrast adjustments have been synchronized between the IP Phone and the Expansion Module firmware so contrast change is coordinated between the two. 6 step contrast control is provided for both the IP Phone and the Expansion Module.

System requirements

  • Requires either of 1120E, 1140E or 1150E phone sets.
  • Software standards - CS1000 Rls 4.5 and later.