Collaboration is key to you and your staff, particularly when it comes to communicating with suppliers and clients.


SaskTel Webex Meetings is a collaborative conferencing service that lets you meet with people at other locations using Voice over IP and HD video conferencing. You can invite others to meet with you in your personalized, always-available virtual meeting place quickly and easily.


Since the Webex Meetings software is web-based, your clients and suppliers don't have to subscribe to Webex Meetings to attend the meetings you initiate. You'll have the ability to share files, apps, and desktops, or perform remote desktop access, using almost any device.


  • Host meetings with up to 200 people
  • Stage large-scale online events

  • Host online training and e-learning sessions for up to 1,000 people

  • Deliver personalized customer service and IT support

  • Subscribe to different services hosted on Cisco's cloud

  • Dial in direct-to-room


Meeting Center - For hosting small meetings

  • 5 user contract minimum
  • 25 user meeting room maximum

Enterprise Edition - For hosting large meetings

  • 25 user contract minimum
  • 200 user meeting room maximum
  • 1,000 user training & support room maximum

Cisco Collaboration Meeting Room (CMR) - Direct-to-room dial-in via any Cisco or third-party TelePresence solution

  • Enables collaboration from any device in any location
  • Personalized, always-available virtual meeting place
  • Delivered through the Cisco Webex Cloud or Business Edition

Integrated Audio 

  • Choose toll or toll-free options using VoIP or your computer's built-in audio. Wideband audio support provides excellent audio even over low bandwidth networks.

Webex Meetings terms of service