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Hosted Contact Centre


Give your customers the service they deserve

Save the time and expense of setting up and operating your own call centre. Our Hosted Contact Centre (HCC) lets your employees give stellar customer service—all while using their existing phone system and Internet connection!

It’s easy with HCC

Improve the quality, efficiency, and cost of all your customer interactions. HCC has a simple, intuitive interface that requires almost no training to use. We’ll help customize your contact centre to fit your needs. Plus we’ll train your staff, and have them back on the job quickly. Find out how HCC can revolutionize your business.

Watch a video to learn more about Hosted Contact Centre.

No more expensive hardware, software, training, or administrative costs. HCC brings telephony, voice mail, chat, and email together in a hosted, web-based solution. Simpler for you, better for your customers. Learn about the powerful features you get with HCC.

Let’s get to work

Your employees need just 3 simple things to use HCC:
  1. Internet connection (cable or DSL)
  2. Web browser
  3. Any phone that can make and receive calls, such as:
    • Telephone connected to a landline
    • Cell phone
    • Direct-access IP phone
    • Software-based VoIP
    • Hardware-based VoIP

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