Every organization in every industry is facing, or will face, disruptive forces that change the way they do business. Many companies are exploring the concept of digital transformation and the capabilities of technology. The challenge is that simply implementing technology to deliver new capabilities will not necessarily solve the problem.

Using an approach that focuses on co-learning, co-experimentation, and co-creating with clients and stakeholders, SaskTel can quickly and cost-effectively assess the desirability, feasibility and viability of a solution. This approach leads to better insights, and a technology solution that supports and enables your digital transformation. Reference our Smart Community Playbook to learn about SaskTel's 4-step approach to help communities become Smart Communities.

Enabling IoT  Why SaskTel?

At its core, IoT is about collecting data and using it to make meaningful decisions. Connectivity, devices, applications and data integration are the foundational elements that work together to deliver a successful IoT solution.

Solving Business Problems. Our team of experts works with our customers to identify and prioritize business problems, and deliver technical solutions with a corresponding return on investment.

Solutions. We work to understand your unique business objectives, and through our ecosystem of partners, recommend solutions to fit your needs. Our IoT solutions include networks, sensors and management applications.

Dedicated Team. Our expert team of creative and experienced professionals, together with our partners and vendors, deliver integrated solutions specific to your business.

Internet of Things (IoT)

  • Cellular tower backed by city skyline

    IoT Connectivity

    Learn about the different network technologies to power your IoT Solution.

  • Long Range Wide Area Network


    LoRaWAN may be of interest to your business if you use IoT applications that are low cost, use low data rates, require long battery life, and operate in remote and hard to reach locations.

  • Fleet and Asset Management

    Keep track of your valuable equipment in the field.

  • Customer Success Stories

    Learn how SaskTel has helped businesses with their IoT Solutions.

  • Data Integration and Storage

    Making independently designed applications and data work well together to implement IoT business solutions.

  • Partners

    We have partnered with industry-leading companies to bring you great IoT products and solutions for your business.

I can't say enough about the value we have realized through this collaborative approach with SaskTel.

Ryan Danberg, former Melfort City Manager