Connect using the latest in network technologies. Learn about the different ways to connect and find the one that will work best for your business:

Low Power Wide Area Network. Provides customer specific coverage in hard to reach areas, and generally longer device battery life along with lower cost devices. LoRaWAN is a low power wide area Network. 

High Bandwidth Network. Provides High speeds and high availability, as well as symmetrical data transfer and low latency. Examples are: IoT Connectivity LTE/ LTE-M and Private LTE

Private LTE is a customer specific network offering greater performance and reliability. It is a highly reliable managed network enabling high traffic from thousands of IoT devices. For more information about Private LTE, contact your SaskTel Representative or call 1.844.SASKTEL (1.844.727.5835).

Why Choose SaskTel IoT networks?

Trusted Network Enablers. Engineering networks is what we do. From sanding up Private LTE solutions globally to deploying IoT networks, our solutions deliver to meet your needs.

SIMs. Thanks to our international agreements with carriers worldwide, our SIMs work everywhere you do.

Self Management. Our IoT Management center provides self-serve management of your SIMs, allowing you to order, change plans, view usage and more.

IoT Connectivity

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    LTE/ LTE-M

    SaskTel IoT Connectivity LTE/ LTE-M provides you with self-serve capabilities and the connectivity to allow your IoT enabled devices to transmit and receive important information.

  • Long Range Wide Area Network


    LoRaWAN may be of interest to your business if you use IoT applications that are low cost, use low data rates, require long battery life, and operate in remote and hard to reach locations.