It is an increasingly connected world and your business faces security challenges every day. It is time to ensure your workers and business assets are safe and secure.

Protect your digital and business assets, manage information security risks, and make smarter, more timely security decisions with the right security solutions.

Managed Network and Security

  • Smart Services

    SaskTel Smart Services will keep your business and its assets safe and secure while giving you the control and flexibility you need.

  • Man at computer


    SD-WAN can provide your business with secure, fast reliable speed all day, every day.

  • Admin as a Service

    If your business does not have the time or the staff to perform some of the administrative functions associated with IBC and HCS, Admin as a service will enable SaskTel to perform these tasks on your behalf.

  • Cyber Security

    Protect your digital assets with effective cybersecurity measures to safeguard against potential threats in today’s increasingly sophisticated online landscape.

  • MITS Managed Desktop

    MITS Managed Desktop

    MITS Managed Desktop allows your business to transfer the responsibility of maintaining desktops, laptops, and tablets from internal resources to SaskTel.

  • Managed IT Services

    Experience superior network and server performance and reduced operational expenses by outsourcing the management of your routers, switches, firewalls, wireless access points, and more.

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    Security Awareness Training

    Your employees are your best defence against cyber attacks. Give them the knowledge and tools to defend your business.

  • SecurTek

    Customizable monitoring solutions to meet your needs and budget. Protect your business with environmental solutions for fire, water, carbon monoxide, and more. Get valuable information regarding activities at your business even when you are away.

  • SoloProtect

    Get unparalleled worker safety from the most widely-used dedicated lone worker emergency communication device combined with certified 24/7/365 monitoring by SecurTek.