Your business deserves a trusted technology partner dedicated to helping you keep your sensitive data safe and secure.

Network and data security are more important than ever. Cyber attacks on businesses have quickly evolved from targeted to mass-produced threats. A successful attack can have devastating consequences on a business including financial loss, legal implications, and even forcing businesses to shut down. However, our Cyber Security Bundles offer a straight forward solution for network protection, so you can focus on the core purpose of your business with the peace of mind that all your sensitive information is secure.

Available Cyber Security Bundles

Cyber Security Bundles offer many features and options to meet your business requirements.


End Point Protection

End Point Protection is a crucial element of cybersecurity that enables the detection, prevention, and response to cyber threats on individual devices within your network. In addition, utilizing antivirus software and e-mail security services provide an added layer of protection that can effectively reduce the potential for data loss and minimize downtime. End Point Protection comes with the following components:

  • End Point Protection: Automatically eliminates and quarantines threats and rolls back any modifications or changes made by an attack.
  • Antivirus: Software is installed on your end point devices that can detect and remove harmful viruses to keep your sensitive data safe from malicious software.
  • Email and Collaboration Protection: Safeguards your business by preventing the spread of malware through emails.
  • Security Operations Centre (Enhanced Bundle Only): SaskTel will take an active role in managing your network environment.

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Vulnerability Services

In partnership with SRG, SaskTel Vulnerability services simplify network security by assessing potential weak spots in your network, and work with you to develop a plan to keep your information secure. Vulnerability solutions come with two components:

  • Vulnerability Scanning: Vulnerability scanning tests the external and internal networks on a monthly basis.
  • Vulnerability Consultation: Customers will have access to cybersecurity professionals who can provide guidance on addressing any issues that were found in the vulnerability scans.

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Smart Network Firewall

Smart Network Firewall is the first layer of defense to protect the data on your network by preventing cyber-attacks and malicious activity. With Smart Network Firewall you receive proactive functionality monitoring and support to ensure the device is functioning properly, analytics, and configuration changes backed by a Service Level Objective (SLO).

Optimize your network security with historical and real-time data in the Security Dashboard by monitoring users, content accessed, usage, and threat risks.

Fully control your network with filtering based on category, URL, or application.

Ensure security with continuous monitoring and help desk support available 24/7.

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Cloud Backup

SaskTel Cloud Backup is an affordable and easy to use solution that protects your business’s data against hardware defects, lost or stolen devices, employee error, natural disasters, and cyber security threats like ransomware or cyberattacks. You can be confident your most critical data is backed up automatically and, in event of data loss, you have a solid and reliable way to restore your data.

With Cloud Backup, you can back up:

  • Virtual servers
  • Physical servers
  • End-user devices such as desktops and laptops
  • Databases and applications

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Security eLearning

The SaskTel Security eLearning course provides your staff with crucial information that is timely and effective for addressing security issues and awareness challenges. The eLearning course has been developed by our Security Awareness training partner, SecuSolutions, and their team of security experts with over 50 years of combined experience in the field of IT security.

With SaskTel Security eLearning, you receive:

  • One hour eLearning Campaign Strategy Session to define scope and goals for training
  • One hour eLearning Campaign Results Review Session to discuss results, effectiveness, concerns, and suggestions for the next training campaign to achieve goals
  • Unlimited, 24/7 access to the portal and included course
  • And more

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Security Phishing Simulation

SaskTel Security Phishing Simulation offers real world covert phishing attacks against individuals or a group of individuals in both small and large businesses. Controlled, simulated attacks are designed and conducted to coerce an individual into divulging sensitive information that could be used in a real phishing attack. Areas of weakness can then be addressed through education and training.

Phishing Simulation testing has been developed by our Security Awareness training partner, SecuSolutions, and their team of security experts with over 50 years of combined experience in the field of IT security.

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