MITS Managed Desktop allows your business to transfer the responsibility of maintaining desktops, laptops, and tablets from internal resources to SaskTel. It provides you remote support for device hardware and software to diagnose and resolve issues.

The service also allows SaskTel to remotely install applications, update security patches, and provide any uninstalls that you require.

Why choose MITS Managed Desktop?

By trusting SaskTel to perform hardware and application management necessary for your business, you can focus on other business functions and revenue generating activities.

Our team has the knowledge necessary to make changes or troubleshoot issues quickly. We keep device management on top of our mind so you don’t have to. And in the event your business IT person changes, SaskTel is always there to perform desktop management tasks in the interim.


Service options

MITS Managed Desktop provides the following services:

  • Remote support for device hardware and software to diagnose and resolve issues.
  • How-to support for common applications
  • Remote application installs, updates, and uninstalls
  • Annual Windows 10 feature release upgrades
  • Application of current security patches
  • Mobile Device Management (Optional)
  • Digital WorkSpace Management (Virtual Desktop) (Optional)
  • Hardware rental (Optional)

Terms and Conditions

  • Non-tariffed
  • The customer must:
  • Maintain an Internet Connection as well as a mySaskTel account
  • Ensure that all devices being managed use Windows 10 Operating system or newer
  • Ensure that the appropriate software licenses are in place for the applications that they wish SaskTel to Manage
  • This is a contracted Service and not offered on a month-to-month basis

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