Businesses invest heavily in computer security technologies such as firewalls and intrusion detection systems, yet the most significant security risk remains the human factor. The most comprehensive, well thought-out, and well executed information security policy can be defeated by a single end-user mistake.

The SaskTel Security eLearning course provides your staff with crucial information that is timely and effective for addressing security issues and awareness challenges. The eLearning course has been developed by our Security Awareness training partner, SecuSolutions, and their team of security experts with over 50 years of combined experience in the field of IT security.

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Why choose SaskTel Security eLearning?

Improve security awareness. Heighten staff awareness of security issues and reduce the probability of an attack.

Reduce potential financial impacts. The cost of a system outage due to a security breach, ransomware attack, or another malicious attack can be substantial and damage your reputation.

Boost customer and shareholder confidence. Demonstrate a commitment to the security and safety of customer data with a proactive approach.


Service details


  • One hour eLearning Campaign Strategy Session to define scope and goals for training
  • One hour eLearning Campaign Results Review Session to discuss results, effectiveness, concerns, and suggestions for the next training campaign to achieve goals
  • Unlimited, 24/7 access to the portal and included course1
  • Basic support provided by email from SecuSolutions
  • Automated course updates for the most up-to-date training
  • User focused training for Beginner, Intermediate, and Executive
  • Group focused training for Administration, Sales, Operations, and Technical staff, as well as the Executive

Each course offers interactive activities designed to keep the learner engaged, including test and quizzes to track and report progress.


Customized options

The eLearning course can be customized with the following options for an additional charge:

Customized course branding – complete series

  • Corporate logo or imagery, corporate colours portal branding
  • Complete Learning Management portal branding
  • Corporate logo, front page, dashboard, and colours scheme 

Individual eLearning lesson customizations options

  • Brandable course interface
  • Corporate logo, Corporate colors, or imagery
  • Message from company management
  • Optional voice over narrative multi-language
  • Possible options include multimedia production, including animation, videography
  • Customized content creation, including specific subject matter coverage, specific security concern, specific target learner group
  • Customized course layouts, including fonts type, design imagery, photos, inclusion of videos

Remote follow up awareness training sessions

  • Remote online group or individual awareness training sessions
  • Various course lengths available
  • Remote Security Consultation Support

Information Security Awareness 101 course

Information Security Awareness 101 course includes the following modules:

  • Setting the Foundations for Security
  • Phishing
  • Ransomware
  • Malware
  • Spyware
  • Identity Theft
  • Social Engineering
  • Password Selection
  • Physical Security
  • Acceptable Use
  • Working Remotely

1One portal access provided to one user account for one year from point of activation for enrolled courses. Access is nontransferable and nonrefundable.