The cost of a system outage due to a security breech, ransomware, or another malicious attack can have significant financial impacts and damage your reputation. Phishing simulation testing is the best way to measure a business’s awareness level of a phishing attack and identify user actions that put your business at risk.

SaskTel Security Phishing Simulation offers real world covert phishing attacks against individuals or a group of individuals in both small and large businesses. Controlled, simulated attacks are designed and conducted to coerce an individual into divulging sensitive information that could be used in a real phishing attack. Areas of weakness can then be addressed through education and training.

Phishing simulation testing has been developed by our Security Awareness training partner, SecuSolutions, and their team of security experts with over 50 years of combined experience in the field of IT security.

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Why choose SaskTel Security Phishing Simulation?

Improve security awareness. Heighten staff awareness and reduce the probability of an attack.

Reduce potential financial impacts. The cost of a Phishing simulation test is minimal compared to the cost of downtime due to a ransomware attack, loss of data, and loss of customer confidence and trust.

Boost customer and employee confidence. Demonstrate a commitment to the security and safety of customer data and prepare your staff to recognize and handle an attack. 

Mitigate risks. A proactive approach to security mitigates risks to the business and maintains shareholder confidence.


Service details


  • One hour Phishing Campaign Strategy Session to define scope and goals
  • One hour Phishing Campaign Results Review Session to discuss results and suggestions for the next campaign to achieve goals
  • Four fully managed phishing simulations per year, per user
  • Four custom developed email templates
  • Four custom developed landing pages
  • Full reporting provided
  • Service available 24/7
  • Basic support provided by email from SecuSolutions
  • Target-based campaigns for Administration, Sales, Operations, and Technical staff, as well as the Executive

Customized options

Phishing simulation testing can be customized with the following options for an additional charge:

Landing page customizations

  • Additional custom landing page development, Corporate logo or imagery, content development
  • Custom landing page domain

Phishing email template development

  • Additional custom developed templates

Remote follow up awareness training sessions

  • Remote online group or individual awareness training sessions
  • Various course lengths available
  • Learner based, beginner, intermediate, or advanced
  • Administration, Sales, Operations, Technical, Executive
  • Remote Security Consultation Support