Run your business at maximum speed for all your high traffic, high bandwidth applications. Choose our Dedicated Internet, Dedicated Internet Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), or Dedicated Internet Customer Managed Router (CMR), and get increased reliability, advanced functionality, and improved security.

Dedicated Internet keeps your organization moving with connection speeds up to 10 Gbps (depending on your location). The result is better efficiency, more productivity, and a big competitive edge for your staff, support agencies, suppliers, and partners. Whether you are hosting servers or need a constant connection for multiple users, Dedicated Internet offers you a flexible, affordable solution.

Dedicated Internet BGP increases the reliability of your service by connecting two or more Internet Service Providers (ISPs) using your own router. You get more flexible routing and access to all the same great features as Dedicated Internet.

With SaskTel’s Dedicated Internet Customer Managed Router (CMR), you get the power of dedicated fiber optics, a robust infrastructure, and the flexibility of customer owned and managed routing equipment, all tailored to meet your specific connectivity requirements, offering your business a high-performance internet solution you can rely on.

Do you need a high bandwidth wide area network in a very remote area? Microwave Ethernet Extension service provides a fibre-based network for remote areas.


Secure, dedicated fibre access

Your employees get a robust and secure connection for running mission critical applications.

Unlimited usage*

There are no limits to how much data you can upload or download within your chosen speed plan.

Symmetrical bandwidth

Equally fast uploads and downloads.


Speeds up to 10 Gbps are available in select locations to meet your requirements.

Hardware options

You have the option to connect your internal local area network to a SaskTel owned and managed Dedicated Internet router, or connect your own router or firewall to a Dedicated Internet access terminating on a SaskTel owned and managed customer edge switch.

24/7 maintenance and support

Get the support you need backed by our service level agreement (SLA) and Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) objective.

Customer notifications

Alerts are sent for planned maintenance or outages that are expected to cause service disruption.


Choose between flat rate and burstable billing options to ensure critical applications and servers run without interruption.

IP Routing Options

Internet Protocol v4 (IPv4), Internet Protocol v6 (IPv6), and Border Gateway Protocol are available.

*Burstable usage-based billing option is available. Ask your SaskTel Representative for details.


Dedicated Internet Comparison

1Data Throughput reporting is available with Dedicated Internet and DI CMR as an add-on.

229 Subnet is included. For larger than /29 and up to /24 subnet (253 Static IPs), customer applies for IP range and SaskTel isues at its own discretion.



Complete business solutions

Combine with a range of Business Internet solutions, including Data Centre services and SD-WAN.

Smart services: Smart Wi-Fi and Smart Network Firewall

Delivers fully monitored and managed enterprise class network security and Wi-Fi solutions to keep your data safe and secure.

Wireless Backup

Switches your primary access over to the SaskTel LTE wireless network when an outage is detected.

Network monitoring

Know when your devices are up, and find out as soon as they’re down.


We’ll work with you to introduce IPv6 to your business using both Dual Stack and Network Address Translator (NAT) technology.


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Terms & conditions

Please read our Internet Services terms of service (pdf) and acceptable use policy before subscribing to any SaskTel Internet service.