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Get ready for faster connections with infiNET, our fibre optic network. Get lightning fast speeds and a 100% fibre connection that is consistent and will not slow down. To prepare your buildings, we have developed new wiring guidelines.


We will be deploying infiNET to many homes and businesses across Saskatchewan over the next several years.

As you know, it takes time to build the ultimate network. Deployment is spread over several years, so check back frequently for updates on infiNET-ready communities.

Contact our Building Industry Consulting Service (BICS) to help select your wiring needs.

Copper wiring

Fibre optics is the future, but some areas will continue to have copper wiring. To see which one applies to you, check this list of infiNET communities. If your neighbourhood is not on that list, it is still being serviced by copper and your wiring guidelines remain the same. More specifically:

  • Single Family Unit (SFU). If a home is not located in an infiNET community, wiring should follow our Pre-wiring Guide and Wire Standards (pdf) for availability.
  • Multiple Dwelling Units (MDU). These buildings follow the existing standards. There are no recent changes in the way MDU buildings are wired.

Fibre cabling

Check your area for availability. If you are building in an area that currently has infiNET, you must follow the fibre cabling guidelines.

  • Single Family Unit (SFU). There are slight differences in fibre cabling for single-family units in infiNET communities. To ensure your builds are properly wired, check our Fibre Servicing Guidelines for Single Family Units (pdf).
  • Multiple Dwelling Units (MDU). You need inside fibre to connect to infiNET and bring the future of fibre optics to MDU homeowners and residents. Benefits of pre-wiring with fibre:
    • Tenants will not be disrupted
    • Faster installation (and with less hassle) compared to wiring with fibre after your units are constructed
    • You will not have to drill through ceilings and walls to run wiring

In infiNET communities, we will even provide fibre to wire MDUs. Read our wiring guidelines here:

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