Connect your distant business operations at rapid Local Area Network (LAN) speeds. With our LANspan IP service, we can join your branch locations in the same city, around the province, or across Canada. You can reliably connect buildings hundreds of kilometres apart as easily as if they’re two floors in the same building.

Choose LANspan IP to extend the features, capabilities, and reach of your existing LAN.

Do you need LANspan IP in a very remote area? Microwave Ethernet Extension service provides a fibre-based network for remote areas.


Seamless Connectivity

Take advantage of the extensive network coverage of our LANspan IP service throughout Saskatchewan, and other major locations across Canada, providing businesses with widespread connectivity opportunities. Quickly share your critical data, voice, and video, and interconnect LANs in two or more locations with data speeds ranging from 384 Kbps to 10 Gbps*. We offer flat monthly rates based on your desired speeds and locations.

Comprehensive Network Monitoring

You can access your network reports on CPU usage, traffic in/out, and device status/response time at any time from our web portal. For even more peace of mind, our Network Operations Centre provides 24/7 proactive monitoring of your network, and our IT experts can possibly detect and fix issues before you're even aware of them.

Service Level Agreement

Concerned about always-on service and fast response? No worries. Our Service Level Agreement for LANspan IP has a stringent set of service objectives that includes strictly monitored response intervals to ensure any network troubles are resolved quickly. This means you'll get maximum up-time for your network.

Scalability on Demand

LANspan IP service empowers you with unmatched agility, enabling effortless expansion across multiple locations. Effortlessly connect new branches, satellite offices, or remote teams to your network, facilitate seamless collaboration, and accelerate business growth without the burden of costly infrastructure upgrades.

*Not all speeds are available at every location



SaskTel LANspan IP seamlessly integrates with several value-added services, offering businesses a comprehensive and unified solution.

Wireless Backup

Wireless Backup provides continued connectivity to your LANspan IP service over the SaskTel wireless network during a service disruption, ensuring your access to mission critical applications is not interrupted. Upon restoration of your service, Wireless Backup automatically switches your connection from wireless to the primary access, ensuring a seamless transition.

Cloud Access

Secure and reliable connectivity to the cloud. Cloud Access provides a direct connection between your locations and cloud service providers for a better networking solution when compared to the public Internet.

IP Trunking

Seamlessly integrate voice communication into your secure and reliable LANspan IP service. Experience enhanced call quality, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. Elevate your business communication with the combined power of LANspan IP and IP Trunking.

Quality of Service (QoS)

This add-on offers enhanced application performance, allowing businesses to prioritize certain types of network traffic. This ensures that critical applications, such as video conferencing or real-time data transfers, receive sufficient bandwidth and network resources for optimal performance.


What our customers are saying

"Migrating to the SaskTel VPN Aggregation option over LANspan IP has saved South East Cornerstone School Division $80,000 over a four-year period through reduced hardware and licensing costs.

In addition, we can leverage VPN Aggregation as we migrate to fiber-based WAN services; we can potentially eliminate the network distribution layer and rely entirely on SaskTel routers at the school level, which could additionally save well over $250,000 every four years.

Also, using SaskTel's managed VPN service instead of having to manage our own IPsec VPN solution has saved us an estimated $80,000 - $160,000 in labour costs over the past four years."

—Justin Arendt - Manager of Information Systems, South East Cornerstone School Division


Access speeds depend on your region.