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Allow your customers the ability to connect to Saskatchewan's largest Wi-Fi network.

With SaskTel selectWI-FI, SaskTel wireless, Internet, and maxTV customers can connect to a secure Wi-Fi network for free at your business, providing them with fast download speeds and unlimited data usage while they browse or wait for an appointment time.

Why SaskTel selectWI-FI

Free installation and simple set up. No cost to install and no monthly service charges or hidden fees.    

Less congestion. With a dedicated Wi-Fi hotspot for customers, your private Wi-Fi network speeds are not affected, allowing for consistent upload and download speeds.

Increased sales. 55% of businesses believe providing Wi-Fi results in higher sales per visit and customers tend to linger longer in retail spaces when free and accessible Wi-Fi is offered.1.

Wait times feel shorter. Wi-Fi can minimize customer frustration while waiting for appointments or services.2.

Exposure. Free advertising on the SaskTel selectWI-FI location map on sasktel.com and our mySASKTEL app. 

With SaskTel selectWI-FI, your customers can connect to a free Wi-Fi network and get unlimited access to data. Learn more about why customers are using SaskTel selectWI-FI.

1 Source: Comcast Wi-Fi is better than chocolate? National survey says yes
2 Source: Software Advice — How to treat patient wait time woes — Melissa McCormack


Service details

Two Wi-Fi networks in one. SaskTel selectWI-FI operates on a dedicated line, so your business' Internet will never be impacted. You keep your private Wi-Fi network connection dedicated to your operational activities.    

Easy to operate. There are no adminstrative or support functions required by your business to operate the service and no passwords to provide customers. Wireless customers connect automatically when they have Wi-Fi on their device turned on.

Enterprise-level service and support. Cisco® technology provides superior connectivity and is backed by our advanced network and 24/7 support.


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