Smart Network Firewall is the first layer of defense to protect the data on your network by preventing cyber-attacks and malicious activity.

With Smart Network Firewall you receive proactive monitoring and support, analytics, and configuration changes backed by a Service Level Objective (SLO).

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Why choose SaskTel Smart Network Firewall?

Free up IT resources with a complete service that includes proactive monitoring, alarming, and troubleshooting connectivity of the firewall device. Plus, get monitoring and alarming of malware downloads and in the event of issues, we will notify you.

Optimize your network security with historical reports and real-time data in the Security Dashboard by monitoring users, content accessed, usage, and threat risks.

Fully control your network with filtering based on category, URL, or application.

Ensure security with continuous monitoring and help desk support available 24/7.



  • Intrusion prevention and detection
  • Malware is alarmed and blocked
  • Analytics and reporting, including:
    • Top applications used
    • Blocked sites by URL
    • Blocked sites by category
    • Top security threats
    • Visitor and repeat visitor counts
    • Length of time on network
    • Type of media consumption by user
    • And more
  • Web content filtering
  • Advanced anti-malware and phishing protection
  • Virtual private network
  • Network Firewall Dashboard
  • Monthly reporting


Starting at $40 per month with firewall and standard licence plus one-time installation charge.