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on a contract term.

In our new normal, it looks like remote work is here to stay. Many organizations are realizing the financial and employee benefits of having a portion of their workforce work from home permanently or on a part-time basis. 

Working from home, however, is not without its technical challenges. You need a solid plan to keep your employees connected and productive. We can help.

Get Business Internet, Wireless Backup, and Business Internet Priority Support in our Work From Home Basic Bundle.

Your employees will have the business tools and network they need to work from home just as if they were in the office, and you will save $5/month when you bundle it together. 

Connect with Business Internet

Staying connected and productive while working from home starts with a fast, reliable internet connection.

Transferring large files, accessing various business application, video conferences, and having several devices connected can strain a home internet connection. It is important to ensure the speed and bandwidth in the home meet your business needs and can maximize employee productivity.

Get a solid connection with Business Internet on a dedicated gateway at the speed you need, including the fastest upload speeds in the province with infiNET. And, with business pricing and contracted terms, you can save even more.


Wireless Backup plan

Sometimes, things do not go as planned, and service interruptions can happen. You need a plan B.

Wireless Backup provides an alternate connection over the SaskTel Wireless LTE network, so your employees can stay connected and productive in the event of an internet disruption.

With Wireless Backup, your employees can keep working, so you never have to worry about disruptions affecting important deadlines.


Priority Support

Get technical support when you need it with Business Internet Priority Support.

Our dedicated business support line is available 24/7 to assist your remote employees, so they can work just as effectively as they would in the office.

In the event of an outage, know that they will be repaired as soon as possible with business specific Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) metrics.

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Terms & Conditions

Bundle savings available to customers depends on service availability in the home.

The Work From Home Basic Bundle is available on a monthly, 1, 3, or 5-year contract Business Internet plan. Get the Basic Bundle for as low as $79.95/mo. on a 5-year contract with Business infiNET 20.

Speed limitations: Fibre speeds 600 Mbps and 900 Mbps not available. Lowest available speed on fibre is 20 Mbps. Lowest available speed on DSL is 5 Mbps. DSL bonded solutions not available.