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SaskTel Venture

SaskTel Venture

SaskTel Venture allows Home Builders, Real Estate Owners, and Care Home Operators to partner exclusively with SaskTel to provide internet and TV services throughout their properties for the benefit of their customers.

SaskTel Venture

We provide powerful connections, lightning fast speeds, and infinite potential with infiNET - our fibre optic network.

Fibre optic cables consist of hundreds of flexible, transparent glass fibres bundled together. Light waves are passed through the fibre optic cable, enabling fast bandwidth connections.

infiNET provides SaskTel customers with a 100% fibre connection that is consistent, will not slow down, and is future-proof, which will accommodate future technology upgrades without disruptive construction to the building.


Each Venture program is uniquely targeted towards a business segment.

  1. Venture Home - Home Builder program

  2. Venture Total - Multiple Dwelling Unit and Care Home program

  3. Venture Extra - Real Estate Operators (REOs) program

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