We’re empowering Saskatchewan businesses to work together to create a unique, customizable ecosystem that brings together the expertise of our Partners for the betterment of Canadian farms. By collecting, analyzing, and visualizing data at the field level, we will all be empowered to make informed, data-driven decisions and establish Field to Fork traceability.

The Smart Agriculture Data Hub involves a collection of companies that are experts in their fields. By bringing their knowledge and assets together with SaskTel’s analytics and connectivity, we can create a Digital Toolkit as unique as the farms we service. We are actively searching worldwide for the most accurate, effective, and efficient components that can be integrated for actionable insights on Canadian Farm issues.

Canadian farmers and ranchers work hard to feed the world by producing the highest quality grain and livestock on the planet. By empowering them with digital tools, we can help streamline their efforts and increase their productivity to give them reassurance and more time to spend where it really counts— growing for the next generation.

The Smart Agriculture Data Hub

The Smart Agriculture Data Hub will offer solutions in the areas of:

  • Fleet management
  • Equipment maintenance and safety
  • Traceability
  • Field and herd management
  • Soil health and productivity
  • Farm logistics; and
  • Asset protection

All tied together in one cohesive platform dedicated to enhancing your farm management options.


  • Know where your equipment and vehicles are and how they're performing
  • Predictive analysis on component replacement and wear platforms
  • Maintenance schedules and safety checklists
  • Daily task lists and yearly handbook
  • Digital field history and field monitoring
  • Field to Fork traceability
  • Variable rate fertility planning and carbon tracking


  • Bin, door, fuel tank, water trough, and vehicle sensors
  • Soil probes and weather stations
  • Ear tags and biometric monitors
  • Scales and scanners
  • Satellite imagery and soil analysis
  • Artificial intelligence and predictive analysis

Farms will be able to customize the Digital Toolkit to meet their unique needs, empowering their decisions, and streamlining their workload with access to data-driven insights. Moreover, larger operations can leverage the Toolkit to enhance team organization and communications, ensuring accountability for daily and weekly tasks and targets. Meanwhile, smaller organizations can maximize the productivity of each acre and pass on valuable knowledge of the land to the next generation.

With a tool for every decision, the promise of food for every plate and a farm for every future, the Digital Toolkit becomes an invaluable asset for all.

Connect and protect your farm operation with SaskTel Smart Agriculture.