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Resale of local service is available to all registered resellers within SaskTel Territory wherever the applicable service to be resold is available within SaskTel territory. 

See General Tariff Competitive Services item 80.1 - Basic Service Resale and Sharing.

Local Access resale

Network Access service is the furnishing of a telecommunication facility between SaskTel central office and the network interface demarcation point at the customer's premise. Local Access is Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS).

See General Tariff Basic Services item 110.12 - Network Access Service (retail service).

VoIP Local Access resale

Local VoIP resale is the resale of local service from a VoIP reseller using broadband Internet connection instead of a landline phone. The reseller provides services to their end-customers by purchasing SaskTel (PRI) Megalink™.

See General Tariff Basic Service item 110.38 - Megalink Service.

Internet resale

Internet resale will be offered to any registered Internet reseller in all communities where Internet Service is available at the same rates as the retail offering. An Internet reseller agreement is required before service is provisioned.

For more information

The Carrier Services Group (CSG) is the point of contact for all services required to establish a Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC) presence in Saskatchewan.

Visit the CRTC website for the regulatory requirements on establishing a CLEC presence.